Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boracay Sexy Fire Dance (a video)

I seldom see stars at night these days, except for those nature trips I took in Malapascua where I saw the brightest and the most number of stars as well as in Casa San Pablo in Laguna. I wanted to see the same thing in Boracay. It is an island after all and I expected to commune with nature for the most part. Unfortunately, Boracay, at night, can be as bright as the biggest malls here in Manila. You can probably see the largest of constellations like Orion's belt and big dipper but other than that, you'd be lucky to spot the farthest and brightest of stars even on a clear night sky.

Boracay at night...

Nevertheless, tourists and locals alike can enjoy a different kind of sparkling lights at night. Whenever I went walking by the beach during those nights I was feeling festive, I'd pass by performers doing fire dances. Not all were good but I did spot one that I liked. I'm not sure until now if the performer was a guy or a girl but that person had a very flexible body that I got perplexed by his/her performance.

The video below is just a short clip that I caught before the battery of my GE DV 1 HD recorder got drained and eventually got busted (due to helmet diving). Anyway, here it is.

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