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Magalawa Island Trip - Day 1

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Magalawa Island

Magalawa island is a nice small white island off the coast of Palauig, Zambales. It usually takes about 4 hours to get there from Manila. Click the highlighted link if you want to know how to get to Magalawa Island.

On this particular blog post, I will TRY to just share with you the highlights of our Magalawa island trip. I think photos do say a lot more than words, so I hope you enjoy this...

We parked at Bgy. Luan where a parking space was available in a fish dealer compound. There were no available boats when we got there so we had to wait a bit. Finally, when a boat docked, we had to share it with a much bigger group. I guess it's okay as long as we get to the island in one piece.

The boat ride did take us 10 minutes. A few feet from the shore, we already spotted one of the cottages that we'd like to avail.

The cottage we picked had a nice view of the sea and it looked kind of isolated and quiet. Ate Grace, the daughter of the owner, allowed us to use that cottage, much to our delight.

Thank God it fit the four of us --- three girls and one guy. How lucky of Peter to be the stud of the group again (as usual!).

The cottage just has one big bed, an electric fan, a place to hang our wet clothes at and curtains. The cottage also has a bamboo gate on the side that closes with the use of a metal string.

The accommodation was not that secure and safe so we just brought our valuables with us every time we went to the beach.

Behind our cottage and in the middle of Magalwa island are shaded areas for tents. So the next time we go here, if we're not availing of the package, we can just bring our own tent and cook our own food ala Survivor style! I say Survivor, coz Magalawa island does not have very cozy, comfortable and civilized bathrooms and toilets. However, their public toilets are way better that what we experienced at Dampalitan Island in Quezon and Potipot island in Zambales last year. So I guess, it's okay. You really have to rough it out by getting your own water from the public poso or water station and bringing it inside the toilet. We were able to use a nicer secret bathroom though, only intended for very nice and kind guests like us. We even got free eggs during breakfast the next day. Teehee. Why? Let's just say that during our stay, we were one of the few people who were really nice to all the staff. We noticed there were A LOT of disrespectful and rude guests making snide remarks about the island and the services. Hello! They should've done their research first. If they can't rough it out and act like girl scouts and boy scouts then they should've just stayed in the city. The rates on this island are very affordable for certain reasons. If they can't stand it, then they should've gone to a class A island resort and not here. I swear! Seeing stupid guests who act like divas make my blood boil!

Anyway, we had an awesome lunch (more like a Magalawa Food Fiesta) which was already included in our package. Ate Grace always made sure we had a table and all her staff were very kind to us. Maybe because we were kind to them too. After lunch, I was so full I needed to burn off those calories I ingested. Thus, we headed to the beach!!!

So the afternoon was just spent swimming, sunbathing, and drinking as early as 3 pm! Hahaha! Soooo fun! Girl and boy bonding every moment.

True enough, come dinner time at 7pm, Koryn and I were already wasted. We slept early that evening hoping to wake up early to make the most of our stay.

To be continued...

***For the rates, I don't know the exact details. But in our group of four, we shelled out Php1,750 each for the round trip boat ride, the accommodations, lunch, snack, dinner on the first day then breakfast and lunch for the next day. Not bad at all!

***For more photos of the island during our first day, please head here:

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***It's wonderful to have great food after a day in the sun:
Korean Food @ Oh Ga Ne in Subic

Magalawa Island Food Fiesta


Anonymous said...

wow... what an appearance baby girl. You are definitely loaded

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I take that as a compliment. Thanks! :)

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God damn, you've got a rocking pair of tits.
What I'd do to those meat mountains.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I wanna motorboat, titty-fuck, and explode loads of cum on those beauties. Next time show us some hard nips or better yet areolas. Very nice


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