Friday, May 27, 2011

Magalawa Island Water Rafting & Snorkeling

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Part of the package we paid for when we went to Magalawa island last weekend was a 45-minute snorkeling adventure at Magalawa's coral garden.

In order to go there, we had to take a water raft that was pulled by a small bangka or boat. The ride was so much fun and the whole snorkeling adventure took about 45 minutes.

Guests had to wait for their turn of course. For bigger groups, they had to ride the bigger raft with roof. For smaller groups, they had to take a smaller bamboo raft with no roof.

Koryn and Joan didn't want to go so Peter and I joined another couple and off we went to the spot with the coral garden.

I had to wear my rash guard at that time. Not because I didn't want my skin to burn, but more so because my skin is prone to bites from dinoflagellates and jellyfish.

True enough, I did see one jellyfish which made me panic, as usual!

After a few minutes of calming down, I went back snorkeling and saw a beautiful coral garden underwater. Too bad there weren't a lot of fish.

I saw sea urchins though and my husband enjoying his favorite skin diving activity.

Before our 45 minutes were up, we snorkeled some more...

I also did three jumps from the raft into the water. It just felt so fun having done that. Then we headed back to the beach, looked for the girls and continued snorkeling.

Here's an accidental recording when we were rafting on the way back to the shore:

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