Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Starfish @ Magalawa Island

My favorite hobby whenever I'm at the beach is snorkeling. So while my two girlfriends were sunbathing on the beaches of Magalawa island last weekend, while Peter was skin diving, I was out there in the middle of the sea, on full snorkeling gear, trying to take a peek at what's underwater.

This site is at the eastern side of the island, as opposed to the northern side where we did the water rafting and snorkeling at the coral garden.

If there's one beautiful thing I noticed at Magalawa island, it's the starfish I saw underwater.

They weren't as many as those we found in Coco Beach at Puerto Galera before or those bed of starfish at Panglao and Danao in Bohol, but there were plenty enough for me to make me wear my flippers so I won't accidentally step on them.

I also spotted a couple of swordfish. I thought they were just floating leaves. upon close inspection, I saw their eyes and that's when I knew they were swordfish.

It's a good thing that my GE DV1 HD Recorder was working that afternoon so I was able to record a video of what I saw underwater:

***For more photos, please go to:

***It's nice to have a feast after snorkeling:
Korean Food @ Oh Ga Ne in Subic

Magalawa Island Food Fiesta

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