Thursday, May 12, 2011

Video: Getting Run Over by the Boracay Zorb

Yesterday, I showed you a video of our Boracay zorb adventure. This time, I will show you what it's like to get run over by a huge zorb!

So, we just did the downhill ride at that time. It was the next couple's ride. The locals assisting us said that our adventure is not yet over. We also have to get run over by a zorb! So we positioned ourselves on a mat they placed on the grass, did some photo ops then it was time to wait for the zorb to go down and have it run us over. It was quite heart-pumping. That's a huge ball after all and the couple inside was quite on the heavy side *yikes!*.

True enough, the moment the zorb started rolling, I can already hear it rumbling like the tsunami that swept Japan. My heart was beating faster by the second. When it finally ran us over, I felt the strain on my back. It was heavy! Good thing it lasted for only a second. Whew! ^_^

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