Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I Love Angol Beach in Boracay

The stretch of white, powdery sand lined with coconut trees and cozy resorts along Angol beach has been one of my few favorite places in Boracay during my one month stay there. This part of Boracay is peaceful and the people I saw hanging out there, like me, were the quiet ones who just liked to sunbathe while reading a good book or those who liked to sleep under the heat of the glorious sun.

Here, let me show you some videos my husband and I took at Angol beach and why we loved it so much:

It's been raining on and off during my first few days in Boracay. The moment the sun was out, we of course headed to the beach and jumped in the water...

There's a small hotel in Angol beach that struck me the most. It was the same house I photographed three years ago when I said that I wanted to have a house just like that. Looking at it, I was amazed that indeed, our house right now did resemble the kind of house I always wanted. ^_^

This part of Angol beach on this video is near Angol Point resort and it reminded me of Malapascua and Bohol.

Before Peter left me on the island, we just spent some quality time together enjoying the water at Angol beach.

Here are other few things I loved about Angol beach and its waters:

- Though there were days when the water was filled with algae, sea grass and other green stuff, the water was not itchy at all as compared to those times I went to Station 1 & 2 and got bitten by water insects. I had jellyfish-like bites after that. Since then, I swore off swimming in Station 1 near Willy's Rock as well as in Station 2 and just stayed for the most part at Angol beach.

- At the end of Angol beach, you can find Asya. It's a big resort that rents out fully furnished beach houses for Php34,000 per night. Wow! How I wish I can stay there someday. It looked so posh and private!

- Beyond Asya are huge corals and boulders where you can take good photos, have picnics with your family and friends, and have intimate bonding time with your partner.

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