Friday, June 03, 2011

My Canyon Cove Escapade @ Nasugbu, Batangas

This three-day weekend escapade at Canyon Cove started when Khrist Caballero of Train Station (formerly Motivating Minds) texted me weeks ago to ask for my assistance in documenting and helping out training 300+ participants from ADP. Of course, I said yes! As long as it's for Train Station and it's about traveling, I'm always all for it!

I barely had time to sleep wit all the online posts I had to do the previous night. I figured, I'll just sleep in the car. At around 11 am on Saturday, our team was already at Canyon Cove's lobby waiting to be checked in.
The wait was worth it. I had the time to look around and take photos. Seeing how picturesque the swimming area was, I couldn't wait to get into my bikinis and start swimming in the water.

But wait! I was at Canyon Cove for Train Station mostly for work. So work I did.

When we went upstairs, I immediately noticed how quite spacious our room was. It had one queen-sized bed and a smaller one at the corner. There were four of us in our room: me, Patricia, Charlene and Red.

The room also has a balcony with an amazing view of the sea. Perfect! I think I can stay here for a longer period of time. Hehehe.

Our first night at Canyon Cove was a blast! Blame it on RR Herrera and the rest of the theater people in our team (Sam Barber, Bym Buhain, Charlene Elechi) you couldn't really expect anything less. Just see these photos and you'll know...

Sunday was spent working. In the evening, Charlene and I missed dinner because we were so excited to swim in the pool and do some photo ops as well. Haha!

Sunday night, which was our last night there, some of our colleagues already went home. The few of us who were left made the most out of it. We stayed in one of the rooms vacated by those who already left and that became our party place from 9pm to 5 in the morning! Wooohoooo!

There were drinking (c/o RR and Khrist), cards (c/o card masters Rey, Sam, Bym and Aldrin), dancing, messing around and lot of laughter and fun! I had a lot of booboos, let me tell you! For example, in one of our card games, the category was to name Pokemon Characters...

Me: Oh no, I don't know this!
Bym: Basta yung may "chu"
Sam: Picachu

The rest gave a couple more names, all the while thinking that I already have an answer. When it was my turn, I confidently blurted out: "Kim Chu"

...tanga!... hahaha!...

Then we all laughed like crazy!

One by one, people started passing out until only four of us were left: me, RR, Patricia (a.k.a Joyce/Alma) and Rey.
Getting intoxicated made the four of us hungry so off we went to Jollibee (thanks Patricia for this treat!).

We came back to Canyon Cove at around past 5 am and the sun was already about to rise.

The rest went to sleep. So did I. But knowing me, I was not about to waste my morning by just sleeping. At 10:00 am, while everyone else was in dream land, I sneaked downstairs so I can have my alone time at the swimming pool. The sun was getting hot and I so wanted to take a dip. But because there were so many people there, including my friend Phoebe from ADP, I decided to head to the beach and explore a bit.

Canyon Cove is so pretty. They have this row of beautiful apartments, perhaps, for members, while the main hotel is for guests like us.
There's also a private pool for the members...

I walked along the beach and noticed how peculiar the sand was. It has beige and black stones and pebbles. At first I thought the black part was dirt or charcoal. But when I took a closer look, the black parts were actually a natural part of the beach.

I was all alone that morning, an opportunity I welcomed after spending two straight days with amazing extrovert people with peacock personalities (You'll know more about these personality types and how you can amazingly be with all sorts of people if you buy Carelle Mangaliag's book: Captivating Communications or have us at TRAIN STATION train you!).

The water looked very inviting! So I took off my cover up and shorts, bearing my bikinis underneath, and headed to the water. It was soooo refreshing! The water was just the right temperature, it was clean and clear (at least at that part where I swam near the right side of the beach if you're facing the sea), and most importantly, there were no stinging creatures like dinoflagellates and jellyfish to which I am allergic to. In short, the water was perfect!

I swam, floated, sunbathed and just admired the view. It was a perfectly productive, fun and relaxing long weekend. It was Monday then... while everyone else was at work, in their respective offices, I was there at the beach. How lucky could I get? I remember when I was still working for GSIS before, I used to make up excuses just so I can stay at the beach much longer. Now, my wishes are coming true and they continue to do so. Thanks to my kicking pinay personality for making me the way I am. Thank you, God for all the blessings!

Til my next travel post! I'm off again to Caliraya tomorrow to windsurf. Happy weekend, folks! ^_^

For more photos, please go to the following links:


Anonymous said...

Surprised to see you seem very much satisfied with Canyon Cove. You are the first I saw to have had a positive review of the place. The stones you see at the beach are not features of the beach. It was the result of a man-made calamity that happened nearby not so long ago.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. Maybe because we came as a big group so they took care of us. I'm not so sure if my experience would be the same had I gone there with just my hubby for a quiet weekend.


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