Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tambisaan Beach in Boracay

I was told before that Tambisaan Beach in Boracay is a nice snorkeling site that can be reached either via boat when you go island hopping or just a mere tricycle ride that will cost you Php100.00 from Station 3. I was feeling particularly adventurous one afternoon that I took a tricycle ride all by myself and discovered this beautiful beach.

It was a long ride from Station 3, something like 20-30 minutes. The driver brought me to what seemed like the end of the island, way beyond Cagban port. I had to walk a few feet after the tricycle dropped me off. The first thing I noticed were the waves. They were huge! How could I possibly snorkel with that kind of surf?

I also noticed that the beach was lined up with a few fishing boats. If I was not going to stay and snorkel, at least, I could explore the area a bit. So I walked around and noticed that there was some sort of a viewing deck from afar.

Stepping on that viewing deck, I felt the shower of the waves splashing against the huge corals and boulders. The sight was magnificent!

The sun was shining brightly (it was around 2 in the afternoon) and the sea was so blue. If only the waves weren't that strong, I would've probably stayed the rest of the afternoon and snorkel.

Apparently, the waters at Tambisaan beach is not always as calm compared to the waters of the main white beach. On a really beautiful day, when the waves are still, this can really be a perfect place to snorkel because you will see a lot of beautiful fish. On the other hand, if only my hubby was with me at that time, we could've also made a little picnic for ourselves and just enjoyed the place. But since I was alone and I felt kind of lonely, after a few more minutes, I walked back to the main road and waited for a tricycle.

I should've just asked my previous ride to wait for me. Coz I ended up waiting another half hour for a ride to come by that I had to walk a few more kilometers down the road before I finally chanced upon one tricycle who brought me back to Station 3. ^_^

For more photos of Tambisaan beach, please head to:


Arbee said...

Wow, thanks for this info. This sure is a great alternative when in Boracay and just wants to be away from the heavy crowd.

Will check this out next time I will be in Bora.

Thank you again.

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

You're wlecome Arbee. I'm glad you liked my post. :)


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