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Win MISIBIS BAY Luxurious Getaway through NIVEA Sun

OMG! OMG! OMG! I only have a few more days left to join and hopefully win this contest! After everything Nivea Sun and I have been through this entire summer, I really think I deserve the chance. I am the last person who wants summer to end and the past week has been hard on me with my husband being sick and all. Winning a luxurious island getaway at MISIBIS BAY will more than make up for the fact that we were not able to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary in a special way. Winning will give us all the time we really need, especially since we will be doing something we both love — traveling and exploring a beautiful and luxurious island, that is Misibis Bay.

Why should I win this contest?

Nivea Sun and I go a long way back. It’s always been one of the sun protection arsenals in all of my beach getaways for the past several years. This summer, when I must have spent 90% of it under the extreme heat of the sun, the Nivea Sun line was a constant companion

When I stayed in Boracay for 33 days from March to April, I made sure that I was regularly applying Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ lotion on my face  and  body every time I’d go out and hang out at the beach. It doesn’t matter whether I was snorkeling, island hopping, riding the Zorb, helmet diving, swimming or simply sunbathing. I was under the sun’s extreme heat for over a month and it’s just sensible to want to protect my skin from the sun’s UV rays.

With the face and body Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ lotion, plus the benefits of the NIVEA SUN Moisturizing After Sun Spray, my skin did not burn. I stayed glowing, supple and smooth during my entire month-long Boracay stay.

When I came back to Manila, my skin was still ready for more sun action! So off I went to various summer destinations. I just made sure I had my bottles of Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ face and body lotion so I can keep applying them when needed…

 So where else did I use Nivea Sun?
One Friday, I went to Club Manila East for an interview with Rated K. Tthey had me swim, slide, kayak and ride the zipline from noon til 4:30 pm! With the protection I was getting from Nivea Sun, I didn’t mind the sun’s scorching heat.

One Saturday, I went windsurfing at Lake Caliraya from 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon! Even under my rashguard, I knew that the sun’s UV rays could still  penetrate and damage my skin so I made sure to put enough Nivea Sun Moisturising S
PF 50 PA++ lotion on my skin. 

One weekend, I explored Magalawa island with my hubby and girlfriends! For two whole days, we thoroughly enjoyed touring the island, sunbathing on the white sand beach, water rafting, observing the starfish and snorkeling in their beautiful coral garden! This also meant two whole days of Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ lotion on my skin to prevent my skin from getting sunburnt. Of course I also shared the superior sun protection with my hubby and my lovely girlfriends. 

On another long weekend, I went to Canyon Cove to assist at an amazing race and frolic in their clear blue waters for three days. I bought some more Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ lotion for my body and face. I wanted my skin to remain unburnt, soft, smooth and supple.

When I came back home again, my skin was still its natural color! All thanks to Nivea Sun, my skin was not burnt and damaged.  In fact, I just recently had a fun makeup and photoshoot session. I love that my skin is still looking great! Nivea Sun Moisturising SPF 50 PA++ lotion for the face and body really works!  
Suffice it to say that I was fearless this summer. I took to heart all the tips and travel advisories available at For instance, I learned that the real secret to getting maximum sun protection is to frequently apply the right amount of sunblock.
How did I do it?
I applied it on my entire body, paying special attention to my exposed parts. After swimming and toweling off, I applied some Nivea Sun SPF moisturising lotion again. Oh and just so you know, the right amount of lotion is this — Put a thick line of Nivea sunblock lotion from the tip of the middle finger all the way to the end of the palm. This would be enough to protect one body region. I just did this for the 11 body regions that we have, namely:

  1. head and neck including the scalp (for bald people), earlobes and lips
  2. right arm
  3. left arm
  4. breasts
  5. stomach area
  6. front right leg
  7. front left leg
  8. backside of right leg
  9. backside of left leg
  10. upper back
  11. lower back
The beautiful thing that I noticed with the Nivea Sun moisturising face and body lotion is that I can go into the water as soon as I finish applingy them. There’s no need to wait for 15 minutes just to get the lotion properly absorbed by my skin. Now that’s just plain sensible and efficient.

Furthermore,  the Nivea After Sun Spray provides quick cooling relief and  further prevents my skin from getting any sun damage. I also like that it smells really good and isn’t greasy at all. It keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized all throughout the day and evening. I absolutely love it!
So now you know why I love Nivea Sun products so much. And should I win this contest, Misibis Bay would be the most perfect and ultimate closing to my 4-month summer break! It’s perfect for me and my husband who recently got sick and missed a proper celebration for our 9th Wedding Anniversary. We are both looking for some quality time at a luxurious getaway far away from the hustle and bustle of our life here in Manila. To be able to experience Misibis Bay would be the most perfect and most awesome anniversary gift!

Why Misibis Bay?

Misibis Bay is hidden in the lush and flourishing province of Albay known for its legendary and perfectly-shaped Mayon Volcano, truly a majestic and awe-inspiring tropical paradise. My husband and I are both excited to experience this extraordinary, extravagant and enchanting resort in Cagraray Island in Misibis Bay. Even from the pictures alone, we can already tell how enchanting and magnificent Misibis Bay is!

Moreover, Misibis Bay is  also a wonderful treasure trove of adventure that my husband and I can enjoy — water sports activities like windsurfing, boating and jet skiing! They have an infinity pool where we we can frolic in even at night! We can also take a nice romantic cruise along the Sulu Channel. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there! There are other exciting recreational activities like banana boating, kayaking, playing volleyball and biking!
The accomadations, be it  the suites, villas or  rooms  are all gorgeous! I can already imagine us having therapeutic and relaxing massages there and enjoying the view and amenities they offer. I also heard that they offer a wonderful dining experience. We want to have a taste of their island dining; we want to go to their beach themed dinner where we will be served  succulent seafood and a wide array of scrumptious international cuisine; we want to have that once-in-a-lifetime breakfast at the hilltop; we’d love to visit their spice market and go to De La Playa. We would love to live like kings and queens, even for just a weekend.  
We have been desiring to do all these things so it’s just perfect!  Misibis Bay is  truly a gem of a place and my husband and I would be most honored and pleased if we can have a wonderful stay. ^_^
If you want to see the exciting things happening at Nivea, do visit their facebook page: NIVEAforWomenPH<> and click on the Like button. C’mon. I know you want to! 

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