Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dako Island in Siargao

After our refreshing stay on Naked Island, our boatmen brought us to the biggest island in Siargao, hence the name DAKO island. "Dako" or "Daku" is a Visayan term which means big or huge.

Dako island is not just huge. It is also lush with a vast coconut plantation and other shrubbery covering most of the island. See our video below:

Peter and I didn't bother anymore to walk the circumference of Dako island since the other half of it seemed to be comprised of the local village itself, with numerous fishing boats docked along the shore.

The area where we stayed at though has a wide beach. I also noticed that the white sand there has red specks. Nevertheless, it felt fine and the water was once again smooth and clear, just like in Naked Island.

There were a few big cottages on Dako Island. They were renting it out for a minimal fee of Php50.00 but since we didn't really hang out in there, we didn't pay any. Some of the locals sold us fresh coconuts (for Php25 each) and a giant clam (for Php400). I guess the island is just living up to its name Dako. The island is big, the coconuts are big, the clam (which was later on turned into kinilaw) was big too (but we got the smaller one for only Php200.00).

The giant clam didn't look as appetizing and making a dish out of it might have been too much for us so we opted for the smaller one instead.

Here's a video of how the local turned our giant clam into kinilaw.

We were there from 3:30 pm to a little bit after 5 pm. The sun was about to set in an hour and we didn't have a lot of light left.

So we made the most of our time by taking photos, videos, swimming and snorkeling. Below are videos of myself playing in the water and Peter checking out how wonderful the water is. Fun fun fun!

We still got one island to visit that day and that's Guyam island.

Til my next island post!

To see more photos of Dako Island, please head to:

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