Friday, July 08, 2011

Kenko Vibrarest 5000 Massage Cushion

The first time Peter and I had a massage together, we were two years into our marriage and we just transferred to Quezon City where we rented a small house near Congressional Avenue. There were a number of massage parlors around. Thinking of trying one, we went inside Touchpoint, expecting to have a wonderful massage experience together. Unfortunately, Peter got sick and I didn’t feel too good either. Since then, we rarely have massages conducted by masseuses. Even when we’re at the beach and local vendors would urge us to get a massage, we never say yes no matter how cheap the price is. I guess you could say that we’ve been traumatized by the experience. And on those times that I did it without Peter, I usually didn’t get satisfied. Peter studied proper body massage when he took a caregiver course in 2004 and it was only him who ever satisfied me (no pun intended).

On those rare times that I went to a massage parlor by myself, more often than not, I always felt like I wasted my money because they just couldn’t satisfy my tired muscles the way Peter could. But despite the fact that we don’t go to massage parlors anymore, ironically, Peter and I love massage apparatuses. We’ve been buying them since 2004. From the Php50.00 wooden massage toys, to mini vibrators, to Watson’s massage machines with infrared feature, to Home TV Shopping’s slender shaper that also helps trim muscles, to a Php30,000 massage lazy chair, to an awesome massager from Kenko.
This recent purchase of ours from Kenko Body Care is the best one so far. 
You’d be surprised to know that it only costs Php2,580. We got it at 20% discount in their Festival Mall branch. They sell a lot of massage appartuses there and what we got is the VIBRAREST 5000 Massage Cushion.
It has the following features: 
  •  8 Kneading Massage Balls
  • 2 Infrared Rays Adjusting System
Kenko’s Vibrarest 5000 Massage Cushion is suitable for shoulder, back, waist and legs. It does a deep kneading Shiatsu that relieves the tightest of knots. Have you tried one of those hunded thousand peso massage chairs? The sensation feels the same minus the burden of cost.
I took  photos of Peter using the Kenko Massage Cushion on his legs while he was watching TV. He was driving all day long and his legs and feet needed some kneading. ^_^

Below is a candid video I  took of myself before I went to sleep. I used our Kenko Massage  Cushion to knead my head. I know it looks like I’m doing something else but I’m not, okay? ^_^ I was just  having my head massaged. ^_^ 

Peter and I are loving our massage cushion so far. We use it when we’re about to go to sleep, when working, when watching TV… pretty much anytime we want to use it. It’s portable and we just plug it in the socket. It’s simply awesome. And may I say that since we got this machine, weve been getting long restful sleep. I just love it and I hope that it lasts for may many more years to come. Thanks Kenko! 

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