Friday, July 29, 2011

Naked Island in Siargao

Naked island is one of the best white sand islands we have ever visited. As its name implies, Naked island is a small round piece of white island that is basically naked, meaning, it doesn't have any trees except for a small patch of greenery on top.

It's just fine white sand all around and some corals along one part of the shoreline.

Below is a video I took as our boat was approaching Naked island... Notice how small the island is?

Naked island reminded me of our trip to Camiguin island back in 2005. Camiguin, being snake- like in shape seemed a bit bigger than Naked island. As our boat was being properly docked by our boatmen, Peter and I immediately jumped out into the water and started exploring the other side. Here's a video I took as we were walking the small perimeter of the island.

Naked island is not a flat island. We climbed a little mound of fine white sand to get to the other side where our boatmen won't be able to see us.

Peter had plans of letting me get naked in there, which was very much obvious from the grin on his face. Hehehe.

Anyway, we enjoyed our stay there. I sunbathed and snorkeled while Peter did his usual skin diving thing.

The water was so clear and felt so soft on our skin unlike other beach water that felt itchy. This one wasn't. Unfortunately, we didn't see a lot of underwater creatures in there except for some white fish. The corals looked pretty dead too. How sad. We were hoping that on our next island destination (Dako island), things would be different.

This is the life! I think we spent an hour or two there. Time just seems to stop whenever I'm drenched in seawater and the sun is kissing my skin. ^_^

Til my next island post!

To see more photos of Naked Island, please head to:


Anonymous said...

so is there a picture of you naked in naked island???

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

You betcha. ^_^


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