Friday, July 01, 2011

Tagbilaran and Cebu Detour on the way to Siargao

I've got so many pending travel posts to do, I figured one way to shorten the list is to start posting as soon as I can. My husband and I are currently on a one week vacation away from the city. First stop was Tagbilaran, Bohol. When I bought our promo fare tickets from Cebu Pacific early this year, my first thought was to visit Siargao which we have been wanting to do since we missed our boat from Surigao to this enchanting island back in 2005. We were doing our 3-week Visayas-Mindanao tour then and somewhere along the way, Peter caught a traveler's flu which made us miss our boat to Siargao. So when Cebu Pacific offered cheap roundtrip flights for Manila, Tagbilaran, Cebu and Siargao, we took them. We figured it's the next best thing. We can just take a ferry from Tagbilaran to Cebu and allow some time for transfers and stuff.

This is exactly what happened. Although in retrospect, I'm wondering if we should've just booked regular direct flights instead and avoided all the detours which also cost us some money (taxi fares, boat fares, food, hotel accommodation, incidentals). Hmmm.

Anyway, let's just move on. Better yet, let's focus on the good things about the first leg of this trip. I don't have enough time to go into details at the moment as I have been lacking sleep for three days now so let me just describe them briefly.

I almost forgot how pristine the water is in Bohol. Even in its pier, the water isn't murky at all. We even saw a school of fishing swimming near the docks.

The ticketing process was not that hard to figure out. You go inside the pier's entrance and you can immediately see where each boat's ticketing office is.

I read a lot of good reviews about Supercat and it was the same ferry we rode back in 2005. True enough, the ferries of Supercat are still clean, orderly, with flat screen TV for movie viewing, clean bathrooms, and trolley food service.

It was just sooo cold since there weren't many passengers when we boarded. Peter and I ended up napping while hugging each other so tightly. PDA! Haha!

It was raining very hard by the time Supercat docked at Cebu's pier. There were a lot of cab drivers looking for passengers. Rates offered went from Php500 to Php300 to Php150. According to the tourist center officer, cab fares from the pier to Hotel Sogo located in Sanciangco St., Bgy. kalubihan (where we planned to stay for the night before heading to Siargao early tomorrow morning because of its cheap rates) would usually just cost Php60.00. Since we are on a tight budget, we opted to walk outside the pier and waited for a cab instead. There were so many and it only cost us Php80.00. Not bad considering the driver had to skirt around the city because of some flooded areas.

Peter wanted to check out his cousin's resto, Chopsticks, located at Asiatown near JP Morgan Chase so that's where we spent our afternoon. Two thumbs up for the food!!!

We then transfered to My Joy / Wanna Eat! for coffee and to get a strong wifi signal so I can at least have some work done.

I finished at around 11 pm. We went to Hotel Sogo and ordered a ton of food for only Php160.00. they were all scrumptious and in large serving. Hotel Sogo also has a strong wifi signal inside the room (which is why I'm able to blog right now), the room is clean, has cable and even free adult channels. LOL. Their current promo only costs Php400 for 12 hours starting 8pm. It's indeed a good alternative for budget travelers like us.

So anyway, that's where we are right now. it's 3am now and we should be sleeping. We have to leave here at around 6am to catch our flight to Siargao. So ciao for now and catch you all on the social networks! ^_^

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