Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hidden Island Resort in Bucas Grande Siargao

I have a cousin who lives in Surigao del Norte (well, most of my maternal relatives are) and when he found out that Peter and I were going to Siargao, he kept insisting that we go to Hidden Island Resort. When I did some research, I found it to have reasonable rates but unfortunately, I didn't wanna be hidden away from the rest of General Luna. Moreover, we were already booked in Patrick's. Maybe next time. Still, my cousin insisted that we at least drop by the place. He said our Siargao vacation won't be complete without it.

I took note of what he said but at the same time, I didn't hold my breath for it. If it happens, it will. If not, then it's not meant to be.

So there we were in Cloud Nine one afternoon where we met a guy who offered to give us a trip to Sohoton Cove the next day. Because it was just Peter and myself, we paid for a small boat in the amount of Php3,000. Little did we know that this boat won't have any roof and had we gotten the one with the roof, it would cost us Php5,000. Oh well... That's that.

The next morning, we woke up early for our trip. We just prayed that the sea will remain glassy so we can have a smooth trip.

The last time we rode a boat like this was when we went to Potipot Island and despite the waves, the boat ride was just 5 minutes from the main land so it was okay. The other time was in 2005 when we went to the end of Southern Luzon, to Tikling Island in particular, south of Sorsogon, where we rode a small boat for an hour amid gigantic waves! I really thought I was going to die then. Huhu.

Luckily for us, Siargao has one of the best climates in the country because even when it was raining so hard in Manila, Cebu and Bohol, the weather in Siargao was so sunny and dandy. Loved it! It was a long boat ride (1 1/2 hours) which we tremendously enjoyed.

The water so so smooth and clear; we saw white beaches every where and the neighboring islands and islets were so lush and green.

Take a look at these beautiful islands and islets in the Bucas Grande region of Siargao:

The previous day, I mentioned to our boatmen that we'd like to see Hidden island Resort. On the day itself, I totally forgot all about it until our boat began to slow down in the middle of the sea and made a turn southwest of Siargao.

Then from afar, we already saw this series of houses with a long boardwalk, quite hidden from the general view. It was the Hidden Island Resort! Oh wow! Our boatmen didn't forget!

Tourists like us who have no plans of staying here can still visit the place. For a small fee of Php100.00 per person, tourists can do a day tour of the place. We immediately noticed the diving board. Peter got excited so as expected, he jumped from it -- twice!

Hidden Island Resort has no beach since it was built at the side of an island jutting out of the water. So the diving board was really a fantastic idea. As for me, Peter made me jump from it too but it took a while because it was really quite scary.

I think the best feature that this place has to offer as far as day trippers are concerned is its interesting collection of sea animals. They have parrot fish, jackfish, sharks, turtles, etc.

huge turtle that's around 100 years old!


Visiting Hidden Island Resort in Bucas Grande, Siargao was really one exciting detour I'll never forget.

Perhaps, next time, should Peter and I fancy a honeymoon, this might be a great place for a retreat, away from the surfing crowd of Cloud Nine and the island hopping tours of busy tourists.

Up next is our trip Sohoton Cove.

To be continued...

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