Thursday, August 04, 2011

La Januza Island in Siargao

La Januza island in Siargao (also called La Janosa) is one of the two islands included in the tour package we got from Patrick's on the Beach during our second day. The first one was Mamon island which I already shared with you in my previous post.

La Januza island is also one hour away from the municipality of General Luna via a motorized boat. It is a barangay with about 500+ residents as tallied back in 2007. Although it's not as pretty as Mamon island, its beauty is characterized by its unique black rock formation.

The beach where we docked actually reminded me of the coral formation and boulders of rock at Angol beach in Boracay. Like Angol, it is quiet here in La Januza and we ended up playing with small crabs and mudfish the rest of the afternoon.

Another interesting thing about La Januza island is the cemetery the locals built near the beach.

It was sort of spooky and at the same time, it made me a bit scared to swim in the water. Who knows if they were able to really bury their dead properly, right?

So just to be safe, we didn't stay long in the water and decided to just walk the stretch of the beach instead.

While we were busy exploring the island, little did we know that our boatman accidentally caught an octopus! It was a baby one and it got caught in the propeller so our boatman had no choice but to take it out. Tsk, tsk. poor octopus!

This was our last stop before we went back to Patrick's on the Beach.

Til my next island post!

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lifeisacelebration said...

lovely beach, but wish they didn't have that cemetery there! love ur blogs about siargao "to-do's" and "must-sees".

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...


IKR?! The cemetery made part of the beach look spooky. Otherwise, it is a lovely beach.:)

Krissy said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I will be visiting Siargao next summer and I can't see to see this island in person.


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