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Nature's Wonders In Samar's Island Paradise

One of the pleasures of travel includes being able to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna of the place. Most especially, the fauna. Fascinating creatures like dolphins and whale sharks are only a few of the fauna that you can find visiting the islands of the Philippines.

While the whale shark capital of the Philippines is in Donsol, Sorsogon. But a little-known fact is that Northern Samar also has its share of whale shark sightings.

These two islands: Samar and Sorsogon, share some bodies of water, so it's understandable that some of the fauna in Sorsogon may find themselves passing through the waters of Samar.

Aside from the whale sharks of Northern Samar, dolphins also make their presence known off the shores of Maqueda Bay in Samar. Dolphins and whales can be sighted in all the waterways of the country, and some species can even be sighted in estuarine areas. Estuaries are those places where fresh water meets salt water. This is usually at the end of the river and near the mouth of the coast; it is the place in a waterway system where mangroves thrive.

The Samar Islands are excellent for whale shark and dolphin sightings because of their proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Samar is located at the Easternmost area of the Philippine Archipelago, and on its Eastern side is already the Philippine Sea, which leads to the Pacific Ocean. That being the case, it is no surprise that the marine wonders that reside in the Pacific find their way in the waters of Samar.

These marine wonders of nature are reasons why one could be compelled to visit Samar Islands. Not only that, when you find yourself in Samar, you would be hard-pressed not to stop and appreciate the San Juanico Bridge, some of Samar's 1,000+ caves, and even its beaches, coves and reefs.

Being the island getaway gem that it is, maybe Samar may induce you to stay. And if you do, one place to consider settling to would be Paradise Village in Northern Samar. This island retirement community was built by Chris Bech with foreigners in mind.

Paradise Village was envisioned by Chris Bech and partners to be an eco-lifestyle community. This retirement community aims to carve out a sustainable, ecologically-friendly existence, even as its residents get to retire with all the modern comforts they need.

If there are three reasons why you should consider Paradise Village as your retirement cul de sac, it would be these:

  1. Paradise Village is located in Northern Samar, which will enable you to live near the locations where the whale sharks and the dolphins thrive.

  2. If the cold climate where you're from is bothering your aging body, living in a tropical country like the Philippines is an excellent option. While some foreigners find it a little too hot here, this is nothing that wearing light clothing won't remedy.

  3. Filipinos are very friendly, hospitable, and used to foreigners living amongst them. You'll instantly feel at home here.

Why Paradise Village in Northern Samar, instead of, say, just buying yourself a home in Boracay Island, or some other Philippine Island?

For one, this community was already designed by Chris Bech and partners with foreigners' needs in mind. Also, it's a little tricky owning real estate in the Philippines. With a prepared community and with people to take care of the paperwork for you, retirement to the Philippines would be a bit easier. Plus, with other foreign residents around you, there'd be no room to feel lonely.

Living a full life is a matter of making the right choices. If nature's wonders heal and calm your heart, consider putting yourself in a place where you can be closer to it and experience it more fully.

This awesome article is a guest post by Jordana Hiquiana.

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