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I recently came across Philippine Airline's latest promo, FLY ASIA PASS. It is available for sale through PAL accredited travel agencies, ticket offices, contact center in the Philippines and through their website until August 7, 2011. That's tomorrow!!!! Rush, rush, rush!!!
Basically, for only USD$270, anybody can do an unlimited travel to the key cities of Asia (You may fly unlimited round-trip to Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Macau, Saigon, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei from Manila and you may also fly unlimited between Manila and Cebu or Davao.), all for a very minimal fee of USD$270!

This got my heart pumping so I read everything about FLY ASIA PASS a few more times just to be sure of what I'm getting myself into. The FAQ page is here:

Basically, after I buy the FLY PASS, I have two weeks to book my desired flights. Then I have to do my travels (no matter how many or how much I can afford because I do need to pay for all the other extra fees like surcharges, taxes, accommodations, transfers, food, etc.) between August 15 to November 30 and everything must be completed within 7 weeks from my first flight or at the very latest, until Dec. 10, 2011, whichever comes first . This got me all the more excited that I started thinking of an itinerary I can do. I've already been to some of those countries and I think it would be awesome to do a different kind of itinerary this time around. Instead of heading to the beaches like I always did before, I'd like to try food trippings around Asia instead.


Where shall I start? I only got a limited number of free days left since I've already booked some flights in the past for future travels. Let's see...

Sept.10-12: Manila-Saigon-Manila

Last time I was in Saigon was last year. Our itinerary then was focused on tourist spots and we just ate whatever available and affordable food we can grab. This time around, it will be different. I'd like to taste authentic Vietnamese food at the following restaurants:

Saigon - aside from the scrumptious Vietnamese cuisine, the ambience is very relaxing too.
Lemongrass - this place is small but is considered one of the best restaurants by many.
Pomodoro - just in case I crave for something Italian
Temple Club - it's inside an old Chinese temple. The place has beautiful woodwork  plus terracotta floor. It also has a bar and lounge aside from its dining area. 
Sidestreet food - last time I went to Saigon, there were a lot of sidestreet vendors. I bought from one and it tasted great. I am thinking of exploring this more affordable way of getting authentic Vietnamese food.

Sept.17-18: Manila-Davao-Manila

Last time I went to Davao was in 2006, I think it's time to go back. I'd like to check out the following food places:

Belito’s Vine Yard - I wanna have a taste of their awesome Paella Negra!
Picobello Ristorante Italiano - people say they offer great Italian dishes! Oh pizza, here I come!
Malagos Garden Restaurant - just because it's located inside a garden resort. Plus, they serve a variety of Filipino and international cuisine which some say really taste good.
Harana Restaurant - it's a family resto which is  touted as one of the pillars of the restaurant industry in Davao, plus they serve excellent Pinoy dishes.
Blugré Coffee - is a favorite aong people who have been to several other cafes around Davao

Sept. 24-25: Manila-Macau-Manila

I know Macau is a great place for Casino. But here, I'd like to try their local dumplings and noodles. Macau also has a variety of snack bars that offer fresh-milk products like milk puddings and fruit milkshakes which they say is unusual for China. Hmmm..sounds interesting. Aside from these dishes, I'd like to check out the food at the following restarants:

A Lorcha De Bche -  they have great traditional Portuguese and Macanese dishes. I wanna get the Portuguese-style clams covered in coriander and white wine sauce plus the curry crab and piping bread capped off with a pitcher of sangria. Yum!
Cafe Ou Mun - they have fresh bread, coffee and cakes. It's their own bakery which actually suplies other cafes and restaurants in Macau.
Clube Militar - it's a private club hoewever, the dining area is open to the public. Plus, the architecture here is really nice. It's one of Macau's colonial buildings restored to its former beauty and splendor.
Espaco Lisboa - their executive chef Antonio Coelho is award-winning and he brings a unique, beautiful and creative touch to Portuguese cuisine inside this comfortable old village house. If the weather is god, I'll do al fresco dining.

Oct. 14-16: Manila-Singapore-Manila

I want to go to Universal Studio and try all the food I can eat there. Plus, I wanna spend time with my best friend who will bring me to some of Singapore's exciting food places like:

The Song of India - It has only been open for a little while but it has already gone to the ranks of one of the Best Restaurants in Singapore. Perhaps it is already,  the finest Indian resto in Asia. 
Brazil Churrasco - new and old customers keep coming back here because of great PR via word of mouth. Plus, my best friend would love it here because the place is intended for meat loving people. 
Original Sin - like I told you my best friend is an omnivore. She despises veggies. But hopefully, this restaurant will change her attitude towards vegetables. It is Singapore's only Mediterranean vegetarian restauarnt and with the way they cook their dishes, I'm sure my best friend will have a change of heart. 

Oct. 22-23: Manila-Cebu-Manila

I've been to Cebu countless times but every time I'd visit, there's always a new restuarant in the city, particularly at The Terrace in Ayala Mall. I'd love to try every resto that I can fit in my schedule and budget for two days. 

So anyway, that's my itinerary. Now that I have my FLY ASIA PASS, I just need to go to the nearest PAL ticket office or accredited travel agency to exchange my fly pass with real flight tickets, hopefully with the corresponding dates I have chosen. If not, I can always adjust my travel dates as long as they're all to be completed within 7 weeks from the date of my first flight.

So go ahead, get your FLY PASS now! This is your chance to unlimited travel! 

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