Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trying Out a Portable Steam Sauna

Our good friend Peachie suggested to us before to try this portable Steam Sauna by Apple. It took a while before I finally said yes to the person who will actually go to our house to set everything up. The 15-minute trial was for free but they did everything in their power to convince us to buy this thing.
The set up was easy enough. They asked if I have any essential oil they can add to the water. In fact, I do. I have tons at home and I chose my lavender essential oil. Then the house began to smell like a real spa! While I was there inside, I felt the knots in my muscles melting away. When the temperature got too hot, they adjusted it until I was comfortable in it.
I was just in my panties and I was really sweating like a pig inside the steam sauna. So I just sat there and enjoyed it while the sales team was telling me all its health benefits like weight loss, removal of toxins from the body, prevention of cancer and heart ailments, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to weigh myself before I got inside so I can’t say for sure if I indeed lost a bit of weight after  15 minutes of steam sauna.

Peter tried it too but he didn’t like the feeling that much. I would’ve called them back the next day to order if the back pain I’ve been having the past few weeks totally disappeared. But when I woke up the next day, the knots in my muscles were still there so that made me unsure of the product. It’s only when I use myKenko body massager that my muscle pain goes away and I only got that for Php2000+. The sales team who came to our house was selling the steam sauna for Php26,000 if we get it right then and there. If not, it would balloon to Php45k. Good thing we didn’t buy one because when I searched on the net, there are those who sell the same portable steam sauna for only Php10k.

I also remembered making my own makeshift steam sauna before juist like the way they do it in Nurture Spa in Tagaytay. All I’d need are: a basin filled with water, water heater, large blanket and chair and that’s it! And this time, I am thinking of using our small camping tent instead of a blanket where I’ll be steaming a basin of water inside with the use of a water heater. Then I’ll have my own portable steam sauna too. With my numerous essential oils, my makeshift steam sauna will be such a hit (to me at least… teehee). I guess I’ll stick to that which costs me zilch/nada/zero as compared to spending our money on something we won’t be really using on a daily basis. I’m thankul for the free trial but I’m more thankful we didn’t buy one. ^_^

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