Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great New Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have been a staple for wedding ceremonies for centuries.  It is a sign of commitment.  It is a sign that your love never ends.  There are not any points in a circle, just one eternal round.  The most traditional wedding band has been the yellow gold ring.  Gold has been used for jewelry for as long as people have been getting married.  The problem with yellow gold is that for a lot of people it just doesn’t work.  There are several reasons why it doesn’t work.
Some people are allergic to the nickel in the rings and can’t wear it.  In the past people have turned to platinum rings as an alternative to yellow gold.  With the economy there has been a pretty big shift for people trying to save a little money.  Palladium wedding bands have become very popular.  They look very much like a platinum ring but only cost a fraction of the amount.  So if you want a white metal then it is good to have the option to go with a palladium ring.

Another great wedding band becoming more and more popular are tungsten wedding bands.  They actually make up close to 20 percent of new wedding bands purchased.  That is big growth in the past decade.  At the start of the 2000’s not many people had heard of them now 1 out of every 5 people are buying tungsten rings.  The big appeal for tungsten carbide rings is that they are virtually scratch resistant.  They look the same in five years as they do they first day you get them.  It is a great sign of commitment.

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