Monday, September 05, 2011

Home From Bacolod

The Ruins, Bacolod
My husband and I just got back from Bacolod. It’s our 2nd time to go there. The first was in 2006 when we went to Inampulugan Island in Guimaras and stayed inCosta Aguada Resort. We basically just passed by Bacolod and went straight to the boat station from the airport. This time around though, we explored some of the must-see places on foot and via jeepney and tricycle rides.
I don’t have much time right now to give you all the details. Suffice it to say that there were just three things we didn’t like about this whole Bacolod trip: 

1. Saltimboca Inn did not meet our expectations in terms of good customer service. I’ll give you all the details about this one soon.
2. Calea’s best-seller chocolate cake was disappointing. Is it just us? Everyone was raving about Calea but the cake we had was not much different from all the other chocolate cakes we tasted. What’s worse, the cake itself wasn’t even moist and it tasted quite bland.
3. Our flight from Bacolod to Manila was one bumpy ride. It didn’t help that whoever was in charge of NAIA Tower last night didn’t seem to communicate well with the pilot. Visibility was quite low. One minute we were landing, the next second we were ascending again. We would’ve crashed if the pilot wasn’t paying close attention to the runway. Thank God we eventually landed safely.
Being faced with your own mortality, people tend to promise things they would do as long as God won’t let them die. I’m guilty of that one. As my heart was rapidly beating in my chest, with my eyes closed and arms wrapped around my husband, I told God that there are still things I want to do right and I hope he can still give me the chance. For now, I’ll keep these things in my heart. 
Anyway, prior to our Bacolod trip, my husband and I were both busy with work. It’s all we do these days and we’re grateful for the blessings and opportunities. Hopefully, I can schedule all my priorities well so I can be more productive with the things that I have and want to do. Two of my most favorite holidays re coming up (Halloween and Christmas) and I want them to be festive and fun. So I gotta work, work, work. 
Ciao for now! For details about my other travels, please head to my travel blog. Thanks! 
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