Thursday, September 22, 2011

Indoor Farming Addict

It's just been 6 days since I first delved into indoor farming, one of my many personal projects, yet I already feel so attached to it. In fact, this morning alone, I woke up in panic to the sound of torrential rain. My first thoughts were: "Oh no! My Okra seddlings!" I left them out in the balcony yesterday afternoon for them to get lots of sun.

The weather seemed to be fine, the sky was cloudless and blue, I figured the sun would keep shining the next day. To my horror,
my little two pots of Okra seedlings got so wet. But thank God I drilled holes in the recyled planters so my Okra seeds didn 't get too soggy and wet. In fact, I'm proud to say that there are two more sprouts peeking out of the soil. Yesterday, there were only three. Now, they're five! Weeee!

So I put back my Okra seedlings with my other vegetable pots in the backyard when another surprise greeted me! Afer only 5 days, my Tomato seeds are now sprouting! Another hurray!
I'm really liking my indoor farming project. I know I still have a lot more days and weeks and even months to practice my patience, but it's just so rewarding every time I see new leaves sprouting. Life's simple bliss... such a blessing. I f you also want to learn more about how to plant vegetable seeds the affordable and efficient way, just head to my Vegetable Garden.  

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