Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kids at Heart

I remember people wondering before why we got married early. "Was I pregnant?" -- that was the typical question. And my answer was usually a resounding "NO!!! I don't even want kids." So why did we marry young? And our answer was always "Because we wanted to! We were in love!"

Almost a decade has passed and still, Peter and I couldn't get enough of each other, sexual and otherwise. Speaking of the "otherwise" part of this post, Peter and I are like two big kids when we're together. We always make each other laugh no matter what we do, whether we intend it or not, and we just like being together.

Anyway, here's sneak peak of how we are like when we go malling. I'm kinda lazy to write about it now so I'll just show you photos and videos which I'm sure your short attention span will love. Teehee.

We visited Ace Hardware to buy my vegetable seeds and soilless pot mix:

Went to Treasure Trove at Festival Mall to buy some more incense for my meditation and tarot card reading. Peter saw these huge hats and fans. see what he did:

We checked out this toy bazaar at the Festival Mall Mini Trade Hall..

Peter played with this sword while I went about jumping on a trampoline for more than 3 times actually. I wanted to buy it!
Then  Peter disappeared! He was hiding in this camouflage hunting tent.

Then went to Kenko and bought a floor mat and this nice little water fountain for our lanai.

I also got some scented candles. I'm really loving it here. Last time we checekd out this place was when we bought my Kenko Body Massager. Their stuff are all affordable too! 

When we got home, I played with my trampoline. Hehehe... yes, I bought it. I couldn't resist! It was so cheap and it looked pretty sturdy!

I remember buying my ab sculptor from Home TV shopping back in college. It's still with me until now. I also remember buying slender shaper from Home TV shopping two years ago and I'm still using it. Our home gym is also very useful to this day after 5 years. I like buying stuff that last. But unlike my previous buys which cost me probably around Php20+k in total, my trampoline is only Php890.
I'm predicting it will last too. Plus, it's good for my left knee which has been hurting the past couple of days. Then Peter set up the water fountain.

It was a wonderful two days of fun,  and youthful marital bond. We capped our mini home vacation by turning on our festive lights, lighting some candles and incense, drinking homemade cocktails, playing music and watching movies afterward. 

Who knew we wouldn't bore each other out after almost ten years? ^_^ Now let's see what else is there for the next ten. ^_^

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