Saturday, October 01, 2011

Magkukuob Cave and Cliff Jumping

After our short trip to the luminescent Hagukan Cave, we went to a smaller and darker one called Magkukuob Cave. Our boat docked near a cliff wall to show us that later after we go spelunking inside the cave, we'd be jumping off that cliff too like what the boy we saw was doing.

Eep! This is the second time we're jumping onto a body of water here in Siargao. Remember that jump we did off a diving board in Hidden Resort? Now this. This is scarier. There's a just a wooden plank tied to the roots of trees protruding from the wall of the cliff. That is where we will be exiting Magkukuob Cave and the only way to get back to our boat is by jumping n the water. At least it's not as high as that Pundaquit Falls jump I did in 2007, being only 15 feet, but still...

Anyway, before the cliff jump, we went inside the very dark Magkukuob Cave. Entrance to this cave is narrow, it's like those caves we braved in Mt. Banahaw back in college.

Anyway, there's also water inside Magkukuob but it's only knee-deep.

Our guide went with us inside armed with his tiny flashlight. The climb up was very steep and we had to be very careful lest we want to hurt ourselves.

Then finally, sunlight!

We were out but we had to climb down to the wooden plank. This reminds me of another rocky cliff we climbed in Caramoan (which reminds me, I still haven't done any posts on that... anyway...). Peter and I had to do it one at a time because the plank might just give in with both our weights.

So Peter went first. Here's a video before his jump:

Peter did it again by climbing back up the rope attached to the wooden plank. This time, he jumped while recording the whole thing with our AgfaPhoto HD camera.

This adventurous trip concludes our trip to Siargao. I hope you had fun reading about them as I had fun sharing them with you. Til my next travel post! Time to pack fro my Misibis Bay trip later this morning. Ciao!

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