Friday, September 30, 2011

Relaunching My Homemade Soaps and Spa Products - Jelly Soap Giveaway!

Since January, I've been busy making my own homemade soaps. It actually started back in 2003 when I got featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer for manufacturing my own homemade spa products. I made body and facial scrubs, lotions, astringent, lip balms... the works!

Since then, I've been making my own and selling to the whole country too, one spa product at a time. A huge company (Cinderella) proposed that I make it mainstream but since I just do it for fun and a little profit, I declined.

I'm relaunching my whole line soon, one homemade organic herbal soap at a time. See what I recently made... Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent and I'm giving away one each to two lucky commenters! I'm giving away one Sexy Nomad apparel too! Head to my post and see how you can get one -->  Oatmeal Jelly Soap in Lacoste Pink Scent

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