Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Caribbean Destinations: St. Martin Villas vs St. Barths Villas

They are both Caribbean islands. They both have access to some of the finest beaches in the region. Even their names are fairly similar. So, how do you decide on a villa vacation between St. Martin and St. Barths? Let’s take a closer look at these islands and what they’re like.

[View of Lune de Miel, a luxury villa on St. Martin]

About 87 kilometers square, Saint Martin is an island divided between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. St. Martin villas tend towards being modern locations, with clean, white construction, mixed indoor and outdoor living areas, and some traditionally Caribbean styles. The island is also home to favorite locations like Lune de Miel, one of the most highly-requested villas in the entire Caribbean due to its status as a magnificent honeymoon destination. With all the features of an island that has around seventy-five thousand people living on it, villas on St. Martin are a good choice for those who want to mix tropical fun with true luxury. Additionally, the distinct cultures of the two sections of the island allow for experiencing two worlds without ever having to travel very far, and this uncommon design makes for some of the most memorable vacations in the world.

[View of Princess X, a luxury villa on St. Barths]

In contrast to the island of St. Martin, St. Barths is a rather smaller island, with only twenty-one kilometers square to call its own. The permanent population of the island is under ten thousand people, and this can make for a more relaxing vacation experience. Among other things, St. Barths villas gravitate a little more towards personal comfort and use as family vacation spots for people who are interested in relaxing more on their own time, rather than getting too deeply involved with the idea of a more traditional vacation. Resort areas and locations in the middle of town can indeed be very nice, but they might not always be what you want, and that makes all the difference.

So, how to decide between the islands? Simple! Merely pick which sort of experience you’d prefer; on St. Martin, you will probably find more things to do, more places to go, and more people to meet. St. Barths, on the other hand, can often give you a quieter, more relaxing vacation.

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