Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Minute Holidays

This shot was taken in Apo island. After booking a last minute holiday to Dumaguete the second time around, we finally made it!

I think it would be great to book some last minute holidays, which could either mean having a vacation 2 weeks from now, or at the latest, 2 months from now. Most airlines, like Cebu Pacific, now offer low rates to various destinations, and they usually text me when they do so I'd know. The reason that I say this is that I used to book flights before like way way ahead into the future thinking that I'd actually have the budget or the time to go through with it. But at the last minute, Peter and I wouldn't push thru with it coz of these three reasons:

  1. Either Peter or I aren't allowed to skip work.
  2. We weren't able to save up enough for our accommodations and other travel expenses.
  3. So many things have already happened that I sometimes actually forget I booked a certain flight.
And when these three things happen, I'd feel terrible because it means I've wasted money on booking those flights which after taxes and surcharges don't really come cheap (like our first Dumaguete booking which cost me Php6,000... Peter couldn't skip work and I didn't want to go by myself) and now our plan of going to Bangkok seems like it won't push thru (which cost me Php12,000... Panoly isn't cooperating very well now they tell us their affiliate hotel partners in Bangkok have closed, argh!). I just figure that next time around, I can still go to a vacation that I like without experiencing so much stress by booking last minute holidays. This way, we'll be forced to make sure that we can actually make it because:
  1. We have the time for it.
  2. We actually have the budget for it.
  3. I am more likely to remember it.
 This will sort of be one of our new resolutions, albeit late into the year. What do you think?  

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