Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Bicol Aerial View

The view of Mayon Volcano yesterday at LegaspiAirport

I first saw Mayon Volcano in its full perfect cone back in 2005 when Peter and I went on a three-day road trip to Bicol.

The view of Mayon Volcanoby during our road trip to Sorsogon in 2005.

Then again, last year, we visited Legaspi with our friends before we headed to Sorsogon to swim with the Butandings, then to Caramoan for some rough adventure of our own.

The view of Mayon Volcano at Lignon Hill back in April 2010

Then just recently, we saw Mayon Volcano again on our way to spend a luxurious weekend at Misibis Bay (very first photo on top) . Unfortunately, Mayon Volcano was hiding behind some clouds the whole time we were there.

I just brushed off the desire, although it would have been great to see it in its full perfect cone once again. On our way back to Manila, I was feeling a little bit down, Peter and I had a little misunderstanding, I got upset, and hid my face as I stopped the tears from falling...

At least, this little crying session I had got me distracted from feeling scared since riding airplanes always make me feel like I'm about to die. Blame it on those plane crashes shown on the Discovery Channel, and from being a huge fan of LOST, the TV series, back when it didn't suck that much yet. So anyway, there I was on seat 1F (where I usually take my seat on a plane)  hiding my tears from my hubby when the plane started to take off. Mayon Volcano was right there outside my window. As the plane gained altitude, I was amazed at the sight I saw ---- an aerial view of Mount Mayon! It was the first time I saw it this way and it was so awesome that I'd like to share with you some of the photos I took!

I remember telling Peter back in Misibis Bay that we better start enjoying aerial views from our plane rides because in Misibis Bay, if you rent one of their aerial tours, it would cost you more than Php100,000.00 and I'm not kidding! So there were were, enjoying the grandeur of Mount Mayon's tip for free! It's not as close as I would have wanted, but it's close to perfect! What do you think?

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