Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Bad Experience at Saltimboca Inn, Bacolod


It has been about four years I think since I've written a negative review about a resort (No to Virgin Beach, Laiya with  157 comments from 2007 onwards saying the same bad customer service). And now, I'm sorry to say that I wrote one for Saltimboca Inn in Bacolod, which I mentioned in  another post when we just came home from Bacolod. You see, I don't care much for how a place looks as I do about being treated well, or about how the staff, owner or manager of the inn or hotel treats their customers. I mean we could be staying in a five star resort, but if basic customer service is not present, then it's not really worth staying there (for us, that is).

As for Saltimboca Inn, I know that's it's a cheap, affordable tourist lodge and the unpleasant experience we had there may be exclusive to us and the circumstances that led to our experience. Nevertheless, I'd just like to share it with my readers just in case you would be traveling to Bacolod and are looking for a good and affordable room, inn, or hotel to stay at. At least you'd have an informed decision and I'm hoping that you'd have a better experience than we had.

To read my entire review of why my hubby and I found Saltimboca Inn not worth going back to, please go to this link:

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