Saturday, October 22, 2011

Travel Tips: 3 things to Pack When Renting Beachfront Villas

[View of the beach at Harmony House, a luxury villa in Barbados, Caribbean]

When traveling to a beachfront villa for a vacation, you’re probably going to end up heading out into the sand and the surf a lot. Knowing what to bring on your vacation, however, is an important item on your agenda to help make sure you have the best vacation possible. Here are some tips on important items to remember.

1. Solar Protection. There is nothing that is likely to ruin a vacation more than a sunburn that will cause you pain every moment, so preparing for the sun is a major item for any beachfront agenda. However, you may also be interested in snorkeling or other water sports, and your sunscreen may not be effective when you’re in the ocean for hours. If you plan to be in the water for any real length of time, consider bringing a wetsuit to protect your body, and save the swim trunks and bikinis for staying on the beach or going into a swimming pool.

2. First Aid kit. The villa may already have one of these, but you should inquire, and make room in your bags for one if it won’t be provided. Beaches are largely safe, but may have small, sharp rocks, and there may be animals in the ocean you could step on before noticing they’re there. Being able to quickly treat any unfortunate injuries that, while unlikely, may still occur is an easily forgettable but important aspect of planning for a safe vacation, particularly as some smaller islands may have much less in the way of medical treatment than more inhabited areas.

3. A camera. What better way to remember your vacation than with a few images you can share with friends, family, and yourselves? Some of the most exciting locations in the industry, such as Jamaica villas, are often colorful and exotic enough to make you feel like you’ve entered a completely different world. Go ahead and take a few images so that you can point out where you sat down and relaxed, where you enjoyed the most, or even any unusual architectural features that you’d like to keep a record of! A villa vacation can be the trip of a lifetime, and with some images to remember it by, your memories of the ultimate in luxury will never truly go away.

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