Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youthful Makeup - Physician's Formula Mineral Wear

With the frequency of my beach travels and time under the sun, the idea of me aging not so well is something that I've accepted a long time ago. Although as much as possible, I use sunscreen and lotions to balance out the harmful UV rays of the sun, use great skincare products like Nivea, Garnier and my all natural jelly soaps,   I have accepted the fact that I may be wrinkling sooner than expected.

So last weekend, when Peter posted a photo of me online (the one above) after an all-night party with friends and Brownman Revival, I was surprised about our friends' positive feedback. Though I was sleepless, tired and haven't even retouched my make up, one comment from our long-time friend, Midge, really made my day. She said how she wishes she could also stop aging like me. Wow! I was really flattered! Then I remembered this new makeup I wore from Tameraonline. It's the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear that's talc-free, full of vitamins and minerals to give you that natural wear, with an applicator brush that's so easy to use. That may have done the trick! (Unless... I have good genes and I really stopped aging! Lol!)

If you want to read the rest of my story and how the Physician's Formula Mineral Wear made me feel so pretty, head to my complete review: Physician's Formula Mineral Wear at Tameraonline (friends are saying I look younger than my age)

Tameraonline sells MAC cosmetics priced at less than Php300, lesser than the ones in malls with free shipping! Read my complete post and find out about their other amazing MAC cosmetics! 

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