Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Early Christmas for the Juans

So how was your Halloween and the second long weekend that followed? I've been off the grid for some time after our Halloween Party, and it's all because of the "early Christmas" season we've been experiencing at home. To think I haven't even put up our Christmas decors yet and I'm not even sure if I'm gonna put them up at all. Unlike Halloween, Christmas is now my least favorite holiday season so I'm not that motivated to waste electricity and money on Christmas lights and decors... but who knows, maybe I will. Teehee.

So what is this "early Christmas" season I'm talking about? You probably know this already if we're friends on Facebook, Twitter and Plurk but here it is again:

1. I bought my hubby a 42-inch Sony Bravia LED/LCD 1080p Full HD TV which came with a really nifty Sony Home Entertainment System (multiplayer and Dolby digital surround speakers). Our 21-inch Skyworth TV,  which used to be in our bedroom, has been having problems with its volume (it takes about 5 minutes before its volume turns up and the LCD is getting a bit dim) so I decided to put it in the lanai instead where we can still use it for videoke and occasional DVD watching and replace it with this amazing new TV home entertainment  system! At least all that hard work I did the last two months has finally paid off.

We bought a ton of DVDs and Blu-ray discs of both classic and newer films after that so most days during the past two long weekends have been spent in our cozy bedroom just cuddling and watching movies.
It was awesome! We have a 32 inch LCD TV in the living room and a Ganzklar multiplayer too but watching films in  a 42 inch 1080p Full HD is really awesome! The images are a lot crisper and the surround sound made it more fantastic to the point that Peter and I were both laughing and crying out of pure joy for purchasing such a useful item! I say useful because being couch potatoes in front of the TV is one of our most favorite things to do even when we were still living together back in 2000-2001. It's no wonder this is our 4th TV set and practically all rooms in our house has one. Hehehe. And since we got this Sony Bravia LED TV,  we only go down to cook and eat (although sometimes we'd also bring our food upstairs), and play Foosball.

2. Speaking of Foosball, yep, our Foosball has arrived last Saturday but it was only on Sunday that Peter got to assemble it for almost five hours!
Whew! At least we know that the half-priced Foosball we got from JB Sports is brand new. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so grateful because this particular tournament-sized table soccer set is not even on sale but we got it at 50% OFF!!! What a blessing!  (I discussed this in my self-help blog: The Power of Making Space for What You Want). We set it up in our lanai where I made space for it and since then, if we're not watching movies or working, we have been playing over and over, my hubby and I. I find it challenging, it makes us both sweat, it's quite an exercise really, and most importantly, it keeps me happy, calm and relaxed, which is very crucial for my current condition.

That's it for now! I'm trying to update my other blogs before I get into another Foosball / DVD watching frenzy again. :)

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