Friday, November 04, 2011

My Current Obsession

Will movers be part of the equation just so I can buy that awesome Foosball table? I've been wanting to buy a Foosball table since I first played with one in Boracay in September 2008.

But the thing is, the table will take up so much space inside our humble home. My husband and I don't know where to put it inside our house. I've suggested the little open spaces we have left but my husband doesn't want it there (like in the hallway, in front of the TV, outside the house?)

Actually, on December of that same year (2008), we saw a similar set at a JB Sports branch in Alabang Town Center and we wanted to buy but it was out of stock. So after I put my name on their wait list, I instead bought myself a drum set that year which has taken over the space that was intended for the Foosball table.

Three years have gone by when we saw a better set at another JB Sports branch in Festival Mall. Every time I think about it, it's like the only option left is to wait a couple more years until we can buy a bigger house where all our stuff and the stuff we want to buy can fit. But it's such a hassle to move out of your current house and into a new one. I should know. We already did it twice and it was no picnic. We had to pack everything for weeks, while at the same time looking for moving companies that can manage to carry all our stuff at a reasonable price. Moving quotes vary, depending on the moving services that you get to avail.

If you are in a similar boat and you're in the process of transfering to a new house, you have to get the best movers for you. There are moving companies that can help you move from one place to another, no matter how far. In the U.S., connect directly to the people who are moving. They work with you one-on-one which means, less cost, no more middlemen, and all your moving needs get addressed, whether you're moving to a nearby place, or across states or even abroad. They have all sorts of moving vehicles and equipment available for you. I wish that was how it happened for us before and should we be able to buy a bigger house next time, I guess, it won't be as hard anymore.
In the meantime, my Foosball table will be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait! (^_^)

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