Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Power of Friends, Exes and a Smashing Good Time

Who would've thought that I'll be having a "date" with my husband and my ex-boyfriend all in one day? And no, they're not the same person. Teehee.

It all started out with the plan that my husband will accompany me to the doctor to check up my GERD symptoms that have been exhibiting since last month. Unfortunately, I also had a VTR to go to for a TV commercial. I rarely go to these things nowadays but since I'll be in Makati the whole day, I might as well try my luck. I didn't get the part but I was happy to see an old friend, Maricar, who has always been active in the TV commercial business. She's done a lot of TV and print ads already that I can no longer count them.We go way back since our Etelecare days in 2001 and those Embassy, Blue Onion party nights up until 2008.
(That's me and Maricar on the left and me and my hubby on the right... lots of waiting time involved when going to auditions and VTRs)

Anyway, after the VTR, it was only a matter of a few hours before I go meet up with one of my oldest friends, and my first ever real High School puppy love. I thought of going to Makati Med but with the traffic and all, we won't have enough time. So Peter and I did some shopping (bought these nice dining seat covers and pillow cases at a 99 shop in Walter Mart, plus a couple other things).

Who says everything has to be "terno" in interior design? :)

We still had time to burn so we decided to watch Tower Heist, even if we came in 15 minutes into the movie. It was fun! Though we weren't able to catch the start of the movie, we saw how ridiculously funny the movie was! Peter and I had a terrific time.
Tower Heist

Then it was 8pm and time to meet my old friend Mikki ( who is also my second but short-lived ex-boyfriend... our love story was like Romeo an Juliet and that's that). I haven't seen him in ages! My last few memories of him was when he stayed at our old rental place in QC before he got married, then one time in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Ortigas when I was still working with GSIS. Since then, I haven't seen him. But I'd like to say that of all my oldest and dearest friends, he's one of the few that I treasure the most. He's  a true blue Atenean by heart.
(L-R:me, Mikki, and his office mate Ging)

A couple of days ago, I was reaching out to many of my old friends for emotional support (although I didn't put it that way exactly since I didn't want to impose... there was the Halloween party invitations, the hi-hello texts, the invitations to go meet up, etc. Peter said maybe I should impose to my friends so they know what I'm going through. So I sent one text message to an old best friend where I said "I need you" but he's just way too busy for me.). I was not in  a very good place. I felt like together with my health, my friendships were failing me too. But Mikki is one of those people who showed real support. He was the first to call and talk to me. You can say that I pretty much cried my heart out to him when he called and he just listened and made me laugh which was what I needed at the time.I asked him if we could meet up. I know everyone is busy these days, if not with work, with raising their families. So I didn't want to push the issue. But he suggested that if we're free, maybe we can play badminton with him come Wednesday since he and his office mates play every week. I said yes! We have this badminton set that Peter and I only got to use once since 2003 and they're still in good condition. That's the power of hoarding stuff. They can come in handy several years down the line. LOL!
So that was where we were yesterday evening, at Power Smash Badminton Court located in 2227 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, Philippines with phone #+63 2 892 8024. Too bad, out of excitement, I wasn't able to get the rental rates of the court since Mikki and his office mates from Sun Life paid for everything.
 Me and my hubby Peter. I'm so luky to have him. (^_^)

I'm thinking of going there every Wednesday too, both to get physically fit by playing badminton, and to heal these emotional and psychosocial illnesses that I think I have. Perhaps by building new friendships and stregthening old ones, I can go back to my old happy self. I've been cooped up way too long in my virtual office, working in front of the computer day in and day out that I need to see other people too. I think it's about time. It was too proud of me anyway to have said that I could do it all on my own, or with just me and my hubby. I'm definitely not an island. Not anymore anyway. (^_^)

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