Friday, November 18, 2011

To Be or Not To Be Pregnant

Here's a litte excerpt and back story about that time I thought I was pregnant, how I felt before, during and after finding out about this possibility...
I've done a lot of scary things in my life: I married my first true love with zero money in our pockets; I've jumped off a 15-meter water fall; I did zip lining thrice (one in Lignon Hill in Albay, one in Club Manila East, and one in an Eco Park in Misibis Bay); I almost died while surfing; and lots more. But I think walking into the bathroom this morning and taking those two pregnancy tests were the scariest of them all.... Ready or Not
To my surprise, it was my hubby who got a little disappointed with what happened. And he was astounded with his reaction too. Perhaps someday we could do it all right if we really want to. Unfortunately, I have my own conditions that need to be met first. There's the beach wedding that I've always wanted since day one; there's the desire to be able to pay for our house and car mortgages in full without depleting our entire savings; there's the trust fund that I want to put up for our future kids if ever we do come to that point.

I know it all sounds "Are you for real?" And yes, I am. I want to be practical. Peter and I were both products of unplanned marriages and pregnancies and I'm speaking for my life which hasn't been very easy. If we ever do plan to raise a family of our own, I'm not wishing for it to be perfect because nothing is, but at least, I want our children to enjoy life and not worry about living the way I did.  

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