Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend of Healing, Passion and Discovery

I went through a lot a couple of weeks ago but through the help of my husband's continuous loving support, care of my friends, and my own will and desire to battle the rut I was in, things have been getting better and better.

Just like these vegetable plants which I have grown from when they were just seeds despite the many typhoons and cold weather they have braved since day 1, (they are now growing so beautifully and standing tall against our balcony window -- a sight I always behold first thing when I wake up and last thing I check before I go to sleep)...
... I, too, have grown a lot the past few weeks. Like my plants which need to be transplanted to bigger pots soon, for them to bear fruits and continue to grow, I, too, need to be uprooted from my comfort zone so I may take root in a bigger, wider, and more fruitful enterprise that I am really passionate about. *crossing my fingers* It would of course take careful planning, organization, determination and a lot of hard work. I need to invest my time, energy and resources to building this thing and some of my other lesser passions may need to take a backseat.

So, last weekend has been like a culmination of my struggle to find happiness again, as well as a commencement of something wonderful, exciting and inspiring.
When our long time college best friend, Peachie, visited us together with her creative sister, Marichit (who used to be my boss back in Publicis in 2009), I seemed to have traveled back in time when things were still very simple, light, and happy. It was like no day has passed between us to think that the last time I saw them was more than two years ago.

The whole week has been cathartic for me. Being able to share my trials and tribulations all these years with kindred spirits made me feel whole and found again. (Yep, I truly felt lost before. Remember when I said on a previous post that I felt like together with my health, I felt like I was losing my friends too?)
Anyway, moving forward, these two amazing friends of ours made me remember the importance of following your passion despite the many tests that may come along the way. We reviewed the success principles of Jack Canfield while we were doing our nails; we shared the current battles we are facing and how we plan to overcome them; we were there for each other listening and understanding (because sometimes, all we really need is for someone to listen to us); we laughed til our tummies ached (thanks to foosball!LOL!)...
... and I cooked them healthy food I usually make. They're the first two people who have tasted my cooking (aside from my hubby of course) and I'm so  glad they loved my invented dishes! It was a relaxing weekend where time just flew without me realizing that it's Monday once again and it's time to get back to work that I also love.

Peachie and Marichit made me feel good about my life once again. They made me realize how blessed I am now. Though I don't have what they have (like a wonderful sistertood and close family ties), they made me feel grateful once again for what I do have --- a husband who truly loves and adores me and I him, health that's getting better,  a home I've always dreamed of since I was young, beautiful things we consider our investments, always having more than enough now that I think about it, doing what we want, lots of travels, work we enjoy and continuously learn from, how we inspire other people to reach for their dreams too even when we 're not aware of it, amazing friends who understand our eccentricities and are there when we need them the most, etc. No one is perfect and like what Marichit said in her post, the universe is always fair.
They also made me realize how I have been practicing The Secret and these success principles since I was a child, and that everything, all the blessings we are enjoying now, are born out of the people who help us along the way and our own positive thoughts despite the many hardships we went through more than half of our lives.

So to Peachie and Marichit, thank you! I'm looking forward to our workshop real soon so we may continue to guide and push each other to break our bounderies and reach for the stars. (^_^)

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