Thursday, December 01, 2011

Change in Lifestyle


It all started last weekend when Danes, Tina, Radz, Peter and I went to Lake Caliraya to windsurf our Sunday away. I forced my body to change its body clock which has forever been in U.S. time. It was successful! Well, sort of... I now sleep at around 6:30-7:00 pm and I wake up before 3 am. I'm slowly moving my sleeping time to 9:00 pm at the latest so I can wake up at 5:00 am. At least now, I'm awake during the day. Plus, I don't travel feeling zombified anymore. Yay!
For the first time, I was able to windsurf all the way to the middle and other end of Caliraya lake, for an hour, without rest!
Remember when I said that some things will have  to take a backseat as I change my lifestyle a little bit? I didn't mean to but it seems like my blogging has naturally been included in that list.
I now focus on things that make me happier and when I get tired, I rest. Blogging does make me happy but I can only do it  when I really have the extra time. I got a couple of posts to finish but I no longer stress about them. I've noticed that other things make me a lot happier now like:

#1 - going for a walk and playing badminton at a nearby park with my hubby...'ve always wanted to visit this park in Madrigal, Alabang but it was only yesterday that we got the chance to finally explore it.
Here are some more shots we took while jogging/ walking around the park:

#2 - biking around our village

#3 - grocery shopping for organic, non-fatty foods that my doctor allows me to eat

#4 - buying and watching tons of DVD and blu-ray movies at a time

#5 - making jelly soaps that I use and sell

#6 - tending my growing vegetable garden
I've re-potted my babies and my vegetable plants now have their own real pots which I bought from Ace Hardware last Saturday.

#7 - taking care of our house
#8 - traveling on weekends with hubby and friends
#9 - going out on dates with my hubby

 Lunch date with Peter at big Plate before we went off on a DVD buying spree. Teehee. :)
 #10 - and of course my online work which helps pay for this laid back but productive lifestyle that I chose and which I've always wanted.

Going back, the motivation to blog seems to be coming in waves. Like when I start writing one post, I have this need to start another and another, until I get tired. But once I stop, it takes a while before I get inspired to write again about things that matter to me.  After all, my blogs are still my personal diaries where I share my life, thoughts and feelings to the world.

Speaking of thoughts and feelings, I had a somewhat scary moment this morning (for me, at least). I just came from the hospital to have an ultrasound of my liver, pancreas and gallbladder...

I had this painful feeling at the right side of my stomach last week and my doctor recommended that I have it checked via ultrasound. I already got the results but I still have to see my doctor (Dr. Eulenia Nolasco, M.D.) later this afternoon at Asian Hospital so she could explain everything and let me know if I will be needing more medication. The person who took care of my ultrasound said that I have a benign condition somewhere between my liver and pancreas... thank God! They're like moles or something... not cysts, and my liver is mildy fatty (I blame it on all those chocolates, ice cream, alcohol and fatty foods I used to enjoy). According to this person, my liver seems to have already been recovering from previous bad eating habits and she said that it's great that my liver is just mildly fatty. My GERD is still acting up but I don't throw up anymore. I hope my current meds work because I don't want to be undergoing an endoscopy. My colonoscopy in 2006 was traumatic enough, I don't want the same thing going down my throat. So now, even my hubby is  eating the same  food I'm eating. Well, he tries his best. We just want to be fit and healthy for each other. ^_^

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm still hopeful that I will keep getting better. Cheers to good health and long, happy life! 

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