Monday, December 26, 2011

Hitachi Life Studio External Hard Drive

One of the things I bought for myself this Christmas was an external hard drive. My old one is a 500GB Lacie external hard drive which I've been using since 2007. It's mostly for work, blogging and photos so I think another 500GB external hard drive would suffice.

I looked at the external hard drives on sale at Festival Mall and found one from Hitachi Life Studio which seemed to be the best one of the available bunch. It was not on sale though. It was priced at Php4,000 and comes with a cute dock and 8GB flash drive.

There were others that were priced much lower but this particular brand seemed to offer the best value for my money.

True enough, this kind of external hard drive makes simple storage fun because of the interactive experience it offers. Now I can organize my files like never before. You can watch a video of how this works here.

It not only offers a secure way of backing up all my files, filing and sharing online also get to be automatic and easy. "Hitachi Life Studio is much more than a hard drive, it's a way to revisit life."

Anyway, I just wanted to share this piece of information with you. The old Lacie hard drive I have was  priced at Php4,000+ when I bought it but it wasn't this awesome. Hitachi Life Studio, so far, offers the best value for my money. ^_^

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