Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to get to Mambukal Mountain Resort + Rates (Bacolod Trip)

When we were at Saltimboca Inn, we asked the receptionist if they can tell us how to go to Mambukal Mountain Resort. At first the receptionist just stared at us before thinking of consulting her companion who recommended that we rent their van for half a day which would cost us Php1,500. This does not include the entrance fees to the resort and its amenities and no food would be provided. We said "thanks anyway" and proceeded outside. My hubby and I will just figure it out somehow. We walked towards Calea and asked one of the guards there instead. Fortunately, he knew how to commute to Mambukal Mountain Resort. Thank God for manong guard! He proved to be very helpful than the people at Saltimboca Inn.

The guard told us to cross the street to L'Fisher Hotel, which is just right across Calea and Balay Quince, and from there, we should hail one of the Libertad jeepneys passing by Lacson street. This jeepney goes through the public market where bigger jeepneys await passengers heading to Mambucal.

Fare from Lacson to public market: Php8.00 each
Fare from Public Market to Mambucal: Php35.00 each

When we rode the Libertad jeepney, we told the driver to drop us off where the Mambucal jeepneys are. When we got there, we were the first passengers and we had to wait a while for other Mambucal passengers to fill up the jeepney before we can go. After 40 minutes, we were finally on our way.

The ride from Libertad public market to Mambucal took about an hour. But it was worth it. We went to the administration building first to get a map of the entire resort so we can decide what to do first.

Here are the fees we paid during our stay:

Entrance fee: Php30 each
Boating fee: Php30 each
Sulfur Pool: Php50 each
Adult Pool: Php50 each

Here's the complete list of Mambukal Resort's tariff rates:

I'll share with you more photos, videos and the things we did while we were in Mambukal Mountain Resort on my next post. (^_^)

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jazzbacz said...

Thank you for the helpful tips on going to mambukal mountain resort..
It really helps! :-)

jazzbacz said...

Thank you for the helpful tips on how to get there in mambukal mountain resort via really helps! :-)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I'm glad my post helped. :)


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