Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jayme Timbol, Yoga and Creative Dreams

It's almost the new year and I'm glad that I spent Dec. 29-30 with my friend, Jem, who came home from Utah, U.S.A. We've been friends since our Etelecare days back in 2001, meaning we've maintained our awesome friendship for a decade now! I may have very few NEW friends these days, but those I keep, I do intend to keep them for eternity. (^_^)

We all bonded the minute she got here in Alabang. First, we had dinner at Red Kimono since they offer vegan dishes perfect for her and vegetarian dishes that I could eat. I'm semi-vegetarian now... thinking of becoming full-pledged this coming new year (Nuks! Wish me luck!). Then we headed to UCC for coffee and drinks. 

We mostly talked about her love for Bikram Yoga (she'll be competing in the U.S. this coming January 25!) and how I want to try it out too. I'm thinking after I use my gift certificates at Gold's Gym where they also offer other forms of Yoga (Hatha and Yogilates) and Slimmers World, maybe I can enroll in Bikram Yoga here in Alabang. Peter and I already found a place and it looks very interesting.

When we got home, we fixed her facebook page. In those ten years that I've known Jem, she has never been a fan of the social network... until recently! She finally has a facebook profile page! What a miracle! Teehee. (^_^) Jem's Facebooking took a few hours that I retreated back to our bedroom and watched Ancient Aliens while Peter helped her out with her timeline. When Jem went to our bedroom, we got to talk more about life, our plans, wishes and dreams. She plans to move to Silicon Valley in California and find creative work there while I plan to focus more on doing my crafts. On the surface, it seems like we are moving to two very different worlds, but if you dig deeper, we just want to be more creative and build on our ideas. I guess that is how we are alike. At present, we both work as the right hand of our employers ---  She may be doing it in a big corporate company while I do mine online.  But eventually, we want to be fulfilled doing our own thing. So I told her about  the clothes I sell and the soaps I make and she ended up buying two blouses and most of my recent batch of herbal jelly soaps! It's a sign! Jem is very choosy with the stuff she purchases so I'm happy that she liked mine.

Our time together ended just before lunch. We said our goodbyes with the thought that when we see each other again next year, we could look back to this day with joy and pride... because it was the day we started    realizing our new dreams.

Have a Joyous and Prosperous New Year, everyone! (^_^)

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