Friday, December 09, 2011

Proactive Strategies for a Better Life

Have you been wanting to live a healthier and better life? I started it a few years ago when I practiced The Secret to manage my stress and live my dreams. I also went for a more vegetable-based diet and now, I am being more cautious about it by going alkaline --- no oil, no salt, limited sugar, no acid, and sometimes almost raw but frequently baked or grilled food.  I call it my sexynomnom diet. A diet like this makes me healthy and generally gives me more energy to do the things I want.
Another thing you can do to achieve a better quality of life is by becoming more proactive. Don't wait for something to happen before you react to it. Make things happen no matter how small.
I know that doing the right thing is usually hard. There are just so many temptations around and most of the time, it's easier to just succumb to your natural desires, proclivities and impulses. But if you are focused on what you want and you are committed to getting it, then nothing ought to stop you. 
Below are some of my personal strategies to help me keep on track.

Fight the urge to hibernate.
Whenever the yuletide season comes in, I'm always hit by the hibernation bug. I feel lazy, I like to sleep all day or watch DVDs... I basically like to hide in my cocoon and be as lazy as I can be [enter Bruno Mars The Lazy Song]. Maybe it's the cold weather (although lately it's more wet than the typical December cold).
But for someone who's a workaholic like me, being bitten by the hibernation bug is actually like being forced to a much-needed vacation. Perhaps, it's my body's way of saying that I need to rest and take a break.

However, as I am becoming more conscious of my health, I am no longer allowing that to happen. Being an Aquarian, I can be  quite extreme. I either sleep all week, or I don't sleep for a month at all! I can't do that anymore. I love myself too much to fall into that trap once again. Yes, I still do rest. I sleep 8 hours a day now and take catnaps when necessary but I don't do my usual hibernation mode anymore, nor do I plaster myself in front of my PC, slaving away all day. I need to be active. I want to be active. I have to be active.
And so, the moment I felt that the hibernation bug has bitten me (after sleeping for 8 hours, I still wanted to sleep for 8 more), I forced myself to get up and break out a bit from my usual routine (which is to make sure the house is orderly and clean, exercise, prepare a healthy meal of oatmeal with cinnamon, apple cubes and honey + Vita Plus vegetable drink, shower then work). Peter and I this time, went to the park again, jogged instead of walked, and played some badminton. (And once this rainy spell is over, I plan to take out my bike too.) 

Join a health club.
At the park,  we were on our way back to the car when we noticed the sign "Boxing Club" outside one of the buildings. We went inside and inquired. For Php2,500 a month, you get to box and use their gym for an unlimited amount of time. It's actually not bad considering that the club is in Madrigal Park in Alabang.
My only consideration is that Peter won't be able to go with me since he has work. Ooohhhh... I really need to learn how to drive lest I commute from home to the park. Hiring a driver to take me is not an option. Anyway, Peter and I are still working out our schedule since we both want to lose weight and build some muscles. There's also a yoga place along West Service Road we want to check out soon. Maybe that would be more convenient for me to go to since I'll just be walking outside the village and commuting to the yoga place. In the meantime, I discipline myself to do my yoga and kickboxing at home by following an instructional video.

Pamper yourself.
I also try to get busy with other things that contribute to my well-being. Just a few days ago, I went to the salon to have my nails done. Typically, I do my own nails (as I also do my own spa, use my body massagers, and sometimes, I even cut my own hair). I'm quite an expert at it, at polishing my nails I mean. I can even paint my nails while inside a moving car! But I felt like I deserve to be pampered for once so aside from having my nails done, I also got a haircut, which turned into a few hours of having my hair rebonded and styled with bangs! Ta-da!

I think my new hairdo makes me look so much younger. Teehee.

Then my hubby and I went to the Supermarket to buy our usual vegetables and fruits. But I couldn't help myself when I saw some planters and gardening stuff that I went on a pot buying spree! They're just cheap so I didn't mind. Hihihi. When this wet season is over, I plan to re-pot my Kailan seedlings and plant some more arugula and herbs. My okra, eggplant, sili and tomato plants are growing beautifully that I want to just keep on planting some more. In time, I may just buy a new piece of land for my mini vegetable garden. Teehee. I can dream, can't I? (Note to self: Add this dream land to my new vision board)

Go out and shop within your budget.
Since we were already at the mall, we chanced upon some imported sale items at the Festival Mall Mini Trade Hall. Peter got an original North Face Jacket for only almost Php2000; I saw a picnic table set I like that came with an umbrella for Php1600 (luckily, we had to exchange it later on for a bigger and sturdier one with no umbrella because when we got home and set it up, we noticed it was broken); and I bought a really soft, furry electric blanket for only Php500.

It was a really nice date and we didn't end up spending much. Plus, we got quality items we can really use that can last a long, long time. We capped the day off by watching old DVD movies when we got home.

Spend time with your folks.
The following day, we went on a date with my parents which we haven't done in ages! We didn't go far... just QC area where we had dinner at Teriyaki Boy, watched TinTin in 3D at SM Block then checked out the tiangges at QC Circle. I've really missed them! My parents, I mean.

Follow your heart.
I know we have to be practical these days. But that doesn't mean you ignore the things that make you really happy. In my case, making crafts is always on my to-do list. However, it is my dream to eventually give them more focus  and make a living out of it. But as I am still liking my other work which helps provide additional income for me and my hubby, my crafts are usually set aside as a weekend or evening project, which I don't mind for now. As long as I am able to express myself with my creativity and industry, I am happy. On the other hand, I am getting inquiries about my soaps and beads and I know that I should soon be able to deliver. So I am setting aside some time each day to build a new site for my homemade crafts and hopefully I get to launch it real soon.

Sometimes, when you feel lazy like you don't want to do anything, it's good to fight the feeling by being proactive. Start b getting out of bed, or off the couch, or logging off facebook (gotcha!, hehe). Laziness is like rats. When you see one running around your house, it won't be long before you see droves of 'em.  Laziness becomes a plague and you need to exterminate it ASAP. By doing the above-mentioned proactivity tactics, you at least get to be active, you prevent yourself from falling into the laziness trap and you open yourself up to blessings which you wouldn't have received had you allowed yourself to just sleep all day (or in my case before,  all week).
Cheers to a more proactive and healthy lifestyle! How about you? Care to share your proactive strategies? 

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