Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bohol - VisMin Tour 3rd Leg

The next series of travelogues that  I will be sharing with you consist of three weeks worth of vacation,  touring parts of Visayas and 
Mindanao two summers ago.  This was the time when both of us were able to scrimp the P40,000 we saved up for this adventure and learned the art of backpacking by experience. I’ve already posted the first and second legs of our trip (Cebu and Dumaguete) and Parts I-IV of our Bohol trip. Now, let’s check out Bohol PART V. Come, join us in our journey and explore the beauty of our country. Maybe next time, we can do a backpack tour of Asia and Europe as well. *crossing our fingers now*
 Peter: We found this adorable dog following us while finding a place to eat… Isn’t he cute? 
On our last day in Bohol, we just simply enjoyed the remainder of our time at Alona Beach. Lunch was simple in one of their many beach canteens.
 Wouldn’t you love to live in a place as beautiful as this beach?
Then, we again walked the long stretch of its fine white sand, only this time, we headed to the opposite direction. We passed by the nice beach front of Alona Palms, which was full of coconut trees, thus, its name. Farther ahead is another resort situated at the end of this stretch. Its beach has a rocky profile and that is where we stayed for a while, playing in the water and the boulders of rocks. 

Jen: That house behind me looks ok enough for me! Peter: As long as it’s near the sea, I don’t mind.
Jen: Come & get me!
Peter: Me first!
In the afternoon, we went back to the swimming pool area, frolicked in the cool pool water, ordered some halo-halo and just basked in the sun. Oh, I will miss this convenient beach resort existence. You know, where everything is prepared already and you just have to pay people to get what you want. Coz our next stop was a bit different than the other places we’ve visited. For one, we were going to be with my parents and other relatives.  There would be no room for room service and there would be no air conditioning. Why did we include it in our itinerary? Well, because I also wanted to see for myself how huge our land is and if I can picture my husband and I retiring there someday. What is this place I’m referring to? Surigao. The land of my Mom.

Ce’st la vie!
Ce’st la vie! 
With one last look at Alona Beach, we bid Bohol good bye. I wasn’t sure if we can get to visit this place again someday since everything we needed to see, we’ve already seen. Maybe, next year… who knows? When I get to do that one month sabbatical leave I keep telling my friends about. For my next travelogue, let me share with you our (mis)adventures in the land of my ancestors — Surigao Del Norte… Til then!
Au revoir Alona!
A tout a l’heur! 
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