Saturday, January 28, 2012

Caliraya Windsurfing, Japanese Garden, Isdaan Trip

What happens during a Caliraya Windsurfing Trip?

Driving from Alabang to Caliraya Laguna takes about 4 hours so we usually head out early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to avoid traffic, hoping to reach Surf Camp between 10-11 am.

For directions on how to go to Surf Kamp in Caliraya, please go to this link:
How to get to Surf Kamp

Entrance per person in Surf Kamp is Php75.00. Once inside the premises, you can check the place first, take some photo ops, and see if there's enough wind power in the air to help you windsurf later on. Well at least, that's what we usually do. We scout the area, see if there are already windsurfers and kite surfers enjoying the lake, or camping around, plus we test the water temperature. Usually, the lake water is quite freezing in the morning so instead of renting a windsurfing board out right, we schedule afternoon lessons instead with Noni (my instructor) and come back after lunch. You can contact him at this number: 09194999634

Between 10:00-11:30am, we head out again and drive just a few kilometers to the Japanese Garden. Entrance is Php10.00 per person.

The Japanese Garden is usually quiet, with very few people milling about. There's a small store near the comfort rooms and the rest is just a huge parcel of hilly  land full of trees, a big pond in the middle, a memorial marker and a great view of the Caliraya Lake. Another perfect location for more photo ops.

When it's time for lunch, we drive back past Surf Kamp all the way to the new branch of Stop Over Kitchenette for some yummy Filipino dishes. This food place has a nice view of the lake too.

And then from 1-6 pm, it's time to windsurf! Rental fee is Php1000 for the whole afternoon which you can share to your friends so you'd only spend about Php300 each for your windsurfing lessons. Yay!

You also get to ride a kayak in the event that you windsurfed very far and got stuck there. Coz that's what hapened to me. Teehee. ^_^

In the evening, after taking a bath in Surf Kamp's simple and sometimes creepy bathrooms (LOL), we headed back to Manila. On the way, we discovered that there's a brand new branch of ISDAAN in the south! We've been to ISDAAN in Gerona, Tarlac countless of times in the past every time we'd surf in La Union.  Isdaan is this huge, beautiful restaurant designed in eclectic mix of Southeast Asian inspiration.  They offer a wide variety of Filipino dishes which you can eat in gazebos or floating nipa huts and you get to feed coi while waiting for your food, or throw something on the wall at the Tacsiapo area. So we were pleasantly surprised when we noticed the same kind of structure in Laguna. Woot!!!

Til our next windsurfing trip!

See more photos of our trip here: 

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