Sunday, January 29, 2012

Enchanted Kingdom Coca-Cola Partnership

Last Chinese New Year, on Jan. 22 to be exact, I was invited to go to Enchanted Kingdom not just to witness the celebration of Coca-Cola's 100th year, but also to celebrate its new partnership with Enchanted Kingdom. I remember when I attended all the other EK events before, Pepsi products were the ones being sold in the food stands. Now, it's all Coca-Cola. I find it awesome because I am a Coca-Cola fan myself. Even if it's one of those things that I am not allowed to drink by my doctor anymore, I still do so from time to time. Hihihi.

I think it's best that Coca-Cola is now being served in the theme park because Coca-Cola plant is just a few kilometers away from Enchanted Kingdom.

Anyway, we got there at around 2 pm. As park guests celebrated the Year of the Water Dragon, we caught the parade featuring pandas, terracota soldiers, Eldar and a lot more.

A duo also performed an amazing stunt then Rivermaya performed all their old popular songs.

As for me, after the main event, I used the time to be with my sister since it's her last weekend with us after vacationing for a month in Manila.

We toured the place, even hopped and shopped at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for a few hours then went back to Enchanted Kingdom to catch the fireworks and one last ride at Anchor's Away.

We indeed had refreshing magical  moments with Coca-Cola, only at Enchanted Kingdom.

For more photos, please click this link below:

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