Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chasing Mambukal's Seven (7) Waterfalls

This is a continuation of my travel posts about Mambukal Mountain Resort, a beautiful nature park located in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. 

To know how to get there, please head to this link: How to get to Mambukal Mountain Resort

To read all my posts about Mambukal Mountain  Resort, please go to this link: Mambukal Mountain Resort

On this post, I'll focus more on the best thing you can do while visiting this wonderful mountain resort: Climbing the 7 Waterfalls

My husband and I tried to go to the 7 waterfalls of Mambukal one afternoon. 

It was like walking in the middle of the jungle. There were Balete trees and huge boulders along the way. 

Then we passed by a long stream and several facilities for their canopy walk. We decided not to do them anymore coz we might not have enough time to go all the way up the 7th waterfall. 

First waterfall

Second waterfall

The climb was getting quite steep for me. I was breathing so heavily and was easily fatigued. Nevertheless, I continued hiking. Good thing I was wearing my rubber shoes. Flip Flops won't last in this kind of trail. If you're visiting, be sure to bring insect repellent as well. 

Third waterfall

Just before we went up to the 4th waterfall, it started raining. The climb up was getting more steep. We were afraid that if we didn't go down immediately, we might not be able to climb down safely, or worse, we might slip and break our bones. So, after resting a bit (I was already seeing stars too due to fatigue and being out of shape, LOL!), we went down. It was still an awesome feat to have reached the 3rd waterfall without a guide.Perhaps when we go to Bacolod this coming March, we'd be able to climb all the 7 waterfalls of Mabukal Mountain Resort. (^_^)

For more info on Mambukal, head to their facebook page.

For more photos, please click here:

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LuvLeegurl said...

Hi! Love your blog! :) hope you can finish all 7 waterfalls on your next visit. me and my friends did not but we reached the 6th. let me share our experience, hope you can spare some time to read our trip =)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

I hope so too! I feel excited about it! :) Must do it early morning so we have all the time we need to reach the 7th waterfall. :)


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