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Things to Do at Mambukal Resort

If you're going to Bacolod any time soon, I suggest that you check out Mambukal Resort located in Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental. It's a beautiful nature park perfect for family and group outings with lots of things to see and activities to do. 

To know how to get there, and how much to spend, please head to this link: How to get to Mambukal Mountain Resort

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So far, we've already gone boating in Mambukal as well as trekked its magnificent waterfalls. Watch the waterfalls videos here: Mambukal Falls videos

For other things to do,
Mambukal Resort lies 1,200 feet above sea level and serves as a gateway to the Mt. Kanlaon Volcano. It was originally developed by a Japanese architect named Ishiwata in 1927, 23.6 hectares resort started as a bath house and picnic garden before.and the favorite place of mostly  Negrenses. A big mountain stream, fed by several tributaries, descends in a series of seven falls and cuts through the center of theresort, feeding the swimming pools and boating lagoon.

Aside from its warm dipping pool  also boasts a number of hot sulfur springs

Its slopes and dips house interesting rock formations and lush forests of tropical and semi-tropical trees as well as a variety of pines, ferns and orchids that thrive on its cool climate and rich soil, known as Mambukal clay.

Mambukal resort provides strategically located viewing decks or, for more intimate encounters with nature, the Canopy Walk, with its hanging bridges. Or try yourself their Rock Climbing Wall or the Slide for Life. With those old rest house before now the resort has a Tourist Lodge which offers standard rooms and suites. There are single airconditioned cottages or camp sites to choose from as well as picnic sheds for day visitors.

Mambukal has a conference room and various function rooms available for business meetings and functions. The resort’s regular programs and special events such as bat, bird and firefly watching and the annual Mudpack Festival are fast becoming a rave among artists and tourists from all over the world. - Supladoonline.com

Experience the canopy walk with its hanging bridges.

Witness the boiling swamp.

Watch the huge bats flying around the trees.

Have a dip in the hot sulfur dipping pool.

Cool down at the natural cold spring.

 Enjoy native dishes and delicacies in their canteen.

  Buy some unusually beautiful flowers and ornamental plants being sold inside. 

Enjoy nature at its finest.

Catch weird-looking insects during your hike.

Enjoy the bus ride back to Bacolod.

The resort also has a hotel offering different accommodations where guests can stay. They offer dormitory rooms, cottages, standard rooms, deluxe rooms and suites. Guests should check in at two oclock in the afternoon and check out at noon time the following day. The following are the rates for the rooms:
1. Cottages
a. cottages with two beds P900.00
b. cottages with four beds- P1,200.00
c. cottages with six beds P1,500.00
2. Standard room P600.00
3. Deluxe room P750.00
4. Suites P1,000.00
5. The dormitory is good for twenty persons for P2,000.00 or P100.00 per person.
For day tour guests the admission fee is thirty pesos and ten pesos for children. The parking ticket for cars or vans costs fifteen pesos but it is thirty pesos for a tourist bus. The admission ticket to the swimming pools costs fifty pesos for people aged twelve years old and up and twenty pesos only for children eleven years of age and below. Day tour guests can rent picnic huts. The rent for the small picnic huts costs three hundred pesos and six hundred pesos for the big huts - BacolodBoard.com
Happy trip! :)

For more photos, please click here: 

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Pink,not the singer but the wandering cook said...

hi! your blog is so informative especially for those like me who are about to visit a great place such as bacolod for the first time... :D anyway, do you happen to know the schedule of the bus from mambukal to bacolod city proper? how much is the fare? thanks super in advance! :D

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Pink!

There's no particular schedule. Just head to the palengke area and Mambukal jeeps line up there waiting for passengers every hour.

Please read this post for more info: http://www.sexynomad.com/2011/12/how-to-get-to-mambukal-mountain-resort.html

Thanks! :)


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