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Bernardino Jalandoni Ancestral House in Bacolod

On my previous post, I shared with you our visit to Victor Gaston's anscestral house, more popularly known as Balay Negrense in Bacolod. Today, let's head to Bernardino Jalandoni's Ancestral House which is just a few blocks away from Balay Negrense, located along Rizal Street (formerly Calle Real), both in Silay City, Negros Occidental. 

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This particular ancestral house that we visited that morning is now called Bernardino Jalandoni House Museum, also popularly known as the "Pink House" because of the pinkish paint color of its exterior walls.

The Bernardino Jalandoni House Museum or Pink House was originally owned by Don Bernardino Jalandoni and his lovely wife Ysabel Ledesma-Jalandoni which was completed in 1908. 

The structure is a two-story type with architecture inspired by Filipino, Chinese and European designs. This ancestral house withstood the test of time because of the durable materials used in its construction such as prized hardwood materials from our very own province of Mindoro as well as steel ceiling imported from Hamburg, Germany.

In 1993, the Silay Heritage Foundation, Inc., who was responsible for preserving all 31 ancestral houses in Silay, converted the Bernardino Jalandoni ancestral house into a museum, showing the affluent lifestyle of the Filipinos during the early 20th century. 

They didn't change much as 90% of everything in this house is still in its original form. Some of the things added were the collection of Filipino hero dolls at the basement and framed photographs of the other ancestral houses in the region. 


The Bernardino Jalandoni House Museum or Pink House is currently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Montinola, grandchildren of Don Bernardino Jalandoni from his only daughter Angeles Jaandoni Montinola. 

The museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, including Holidays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with entrance fee at Php40.00 each.

When we got inside, we registered and paid for the entrance fee. Then a young lady wearing the traditional Filipiniana dress greeted us and showed us around while telling tales about the Bernardino Jalandoni ancestral house and the lifestyle of the Filipinos back then. 

My husband and I had such a great time. We both like looking at old houses since it really brings us back to how it was like during the olden times, plus it gives me some ideas on how I can make our own house look a bit rustic and quaint. If you've seen photos of our home, you'll know what I mean. (^_^)

How to go to Bernardino Jalandoni Museum?

If you're in Bacolod city, hail a jeepney with a sign board Libertad-Bata going to Robinson's Mall(Php8/pax). Then take another jeepney going to Silay(Php15/pax). When you see a big church from afar (San Diego Pro-Cathedral), you know you're near. Just ask the driver to drop you off near the Silay City Public Market. Beside it is the Bernardino Jalandoni ancestral home. The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum is very easy to find. It's just along Rizal Street beside the Silay Public Market. Just look for the pink-looking house! ^_^

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Riki said...

nice place.. love it :)

Jennifer Adams-Juan said...

Hi Riki,

Thanks for your comment. Do visit this place when you go to Bacolod. :)


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