Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cirque MOTHER AFRICA Live in Manila

Audiences in Manila are set to be dazzled by Cirque Mother (CircusMama) Africa when it rolls into town on April 19th – 22nd at Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila presented by Establish Events in cooperation with Media Central. Philippine audiences are familiar with Cirque Du Soleil but this time, they will be challenged and mesmerized by the sights and sounds of Africa. This innovative two hour show, which combines African music, dance and performance, pulsates with the heartbeat of Africa and the combined talents of 40 artists from nine African countries, including Ethiopia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Benin, Zimbabwe, and Guinea. Although the artists come from all parts of the African continent, on stage, they fuse into a single family whose cheerfulness and passion immediately capture the audience. And they are versatile performers!

Each of the outstanding artists is a dancer, singer or musician and quite often a combination of all three.The troupe performed in sold out shows in Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Spain. They toured Australia and New Zealand in 2011 and are due in Singapore in April 12th before going on to Manila. At one time, the word “circus” used to conjure images of a big top, a ringmaster in a black top hat and tumbling clowns with white painted faces and round red noses. This new-millennium “circus” aims to delight the senses with items spinning through the air, human contortionists who form mind-boggling shapes with their bodies, while percussionists beat African rhythms on drums. Masks, drums, beads, and amazing costumes all add to the authentic African atmosphere.

The circus show, with a cast of 45 performers, started in Tanzania in October 2006. A world premiere in Germany in December 2006 followed and “Mama Africa – Circus of Joy” was born. The show toured to sell-out crowds, playing to more than 300,000 people in small cities and towns in Germany. Since then, this circus production has grown and the 2011/12 production is an anniversary programme which will feature some of the best acts from the past four to five years as well as new ones. Some of the highlights include foot juggling, magic and illusions, bounce juggling and contortionists. But there will also be new highlights during this anniversary programme, which come straight from Mama Africa's school for artists, masterminded by Winston Ruddle, the producer. Winston used to be a street and circus artist plus a break dancer in Bulawayo, before he opened his school in Dar Es Salaam where he now trains promising African talent. Mama Africa wants to entertain audiences around the world. But presenting African culture and making people happy for two hours is not its only remit.

Mama Africa's team wants to help in a more lasting way. Part of the income from the tickets sold during the forthcoming Mama Africa Tour will go towards development projects in Africa, for example, Karl-Heinz Böhm's Ethiopian aid project People for People which has been in existence for thirty years. The “Circus of the Senses” stands out by its enchanting diversity, incredible lightness and fresh, modern, dynamic approach. Mama Africa draws its particular character from a special mixture of traditional African circus, modern circus and show elements, impressive acrobatics, rousing live music and choreography deeply rooted in the African culture, teamed with the incredible energy and joy-of life of a whole continent that is considered the cradle of humanity.

Audiences are charmed and provoked to respond actively rather than passively watch this spectacle. Special thanks to the event sponsors: Real Estate World, Grand Monaco, Emirates, Business World, Philippine Daily Enquirer, Business Mirror, Gold Fields, South African Embassy,, Jack TV, The Fortnightly, Prime Recall and Home Radio 97.9AM.

Choose from the following schedule or performances to catch this amazing show:

2012-04-19 8:00 PM
2012-04-20 8:00 PM
2012-04-21 3:00 PM
2012-04-21 8:00 PM
2012-04-22 8:00 PM

For tickets to Cirque Mama Africa, please visit: or or call 891-9999

For Group Bookings please call Peeya 0915 9275747.


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