Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taktak Falls in Santa Monica, Siargao

After our awesome trip to Magpupungko Beach, Tidal Flats and Lagoon, we then headed to Taktak Falls in Santa Monica, between San Benito and Burgos. The sky was starting to get dark. Just as we were praying for the continuation of the good weather, huge raindrops started to fall and before we knew it, the entire heaven poured down upon us hitting us like daggers. 

habal-habal ride under the pouring rain

We all got wet and cold but we didn't stop. We still had more than an hour of travel before we can reach our next destination. The heavy rain eventually stopped and the sun came shining a bit but it was still drizzling. We stopped at one of Burgos' wonderful public beaches to rest.


It was nearing lunch time. We didn't bring any food with us thinking that there'll probably be stores along the way where we can buy food from. We were half right (LOL!) coz we chanced upon a few sari-sari stores where we bought some junkfood and water from. But we were really getting hungry. We wanted rice and real homemade dishes. A few more kilometers from the main town of Burgos, we saw this small carenderia along the road. We almost didn't see it! We backtracked a bit and stopped to look. There were rice, noodles, fish , chicken and other Filipino homemade dishes at cheap prices. I asked my two companions to make sure that the food still looks okay, They said the food looks fine. So we bought some. The owner of the store was very kind coz she insisted that we eat the food inside their humble home. I was really touched.

While selecting some dishes, a jeep passed by. When they saw that I was carrying a camera, they asked me to take their photo so I did! Siargaonons are really one friendly and cheerful bunch! It's really no wonder why I love them!

So inside their house we went and waited for our food. We had a filling meal, might have even consumed more than we wanted, and in no time at all, we were once again ready to brave the rough roads in search of Taktak Falls. 

My companions were starting to worry that I might not like the place. The rain earlier would have definitely made the water murky and we might not be able to swim in there. I assured them that I'm no high maintainance girl and that whatever the situation is when we get there, I'd still be able to enjoy it. 

I think it only took us about ten minutes from the carenderia to the falls entrance.  You'd know that you're near coz there would be banners and flags greeting you along the way.Entrance fee is Php5.00 each and for the motorcycle, entrance fee is around Php25.00 I think. 

Taktak Falls wasn't so bad. Yes, the water was murky due to the rain but that didn't stop us from taking a dip and enjoying the raging waterfalls.

Watch a video I took of Taktak Falls here:

We actually had to step on sharp rocks at the edge of the pool in order to get inside the curtain of the waterfall. It was fun!

Here's a video of us three going under Taktak Falls:

The water was cold and refreshing and we had a good time.

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