Monday, April 02, 2012

Where to Go On Winter Sun Holidays?

Many of us book our annual summer holiday without a second thought, but have you ever considered taking winter sun holidays instead?

Popular destinations such as the Canary Islands and Egypt offer year round sunshine, so you’re not restricted to those peak summer months if you’re looking for fun in the sun.

There are some fantastic benefits to winter sun holidays, including:

Great Value For Money

You can find holiday deals outside of the peak travel season that simply have to be seen to be believed. The resorts and hotels tend to be much less busy outside of the high summer months, and so you’ll find winter sun holidays offered at rock bottom prices.

If you’re struggling to afford your summer holiday this year, a holiday taken between October and May can be a fantastic, affordable way to get your fix of sunnier climes.

A Milder Climate

While winter sun destinations boast year round sunshine, the climate will still be milder than in the peak months, which can be more comfortable for many. The Canary Islands, for example, will see temperatures hovering around the 20 degrees mark outside of peak season. Sunshine, but without the oppressive heat, is the perfect weather for exploring your island of choice without overheating or burning. The gentler heat is also ideal for families holidaying with young children, as it’s far safer and more comfortable for delicate skin.

Quieter Resorts

A winter sun holiday is the ideal choice for those who prefer the quieter life, as most resorts will have relaxed after the end of the summer season. You’ll enjoy more space, less crowds and the run of your hotel’s facilities – and you certainly won’t have to fight for a sunlounger when you travel off peak.

If you want an affordable, peaceful holiday, with gentle sunshine and a laid back vibe, you might want to consider ditching your annual summer trip and enjoying winter sun holidays instead.

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