Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Afford Clubbing Holidays in Cyprus

Are holidays to Ayia Napa 2013 calling your name already? Just like poor little Cheryl, you might be feeling a little confused, but don’t be, clubbing holidays in Cyprus could be more affordable than you think.

No, it’s not a cheap getaway to Magaluf and it can be more pricey than a stint in Tenerife, but for a few extra quid, you’re about to embark on the clubbing session of your life.

It doesn’t take some Del Boy wheeling and dealing, just a few simple steps and the garage and grime scene of Ayia Napa can be yours.

First of all, no matter what Dave says – we know you’ve got a mate called Dave – last minute is not the best time to book.

You need to plan this out and ride the holiday waves, metaphorically of course, there’ll be plenty of time for fooling around on the foam when you get to Cyprus.

Many online clubbing specialists are happy to give you and your mates a bit of a discount for putting your necks out there and securing your summer hols early. As well as this, you’re also looking at a web discount for cutting out the middle man.

When you’ve got your stay sorted, paying it off is going to seem much more manageable. You all know the exact costs, and you can pay affordable instalments for the next few months.

Just before you’re ready to fly – when the rest of the world’s clubbers are frantically searching for top deals and discounts – take a step back and grin in their panic-stricken faces. High five, mofo.

Everyone you usually party with is going to be in the same boat as you. Just cut back on your clubbing ways for a month or two and you’ll have saved enough spends for a week in the sun.

Go on, book clubbing holidays to Ayia Napa 2013 now! You know it makes sense.

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